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  2. tried cleaning connections still no awd or speedo, lioghts ok
  3. I have a old 99 sportsman 500 and I lost awd as well as the speedo, I only use for deer hunting and ice fishing but definately need the awd, speedo not needed. Any way to easily fix this? I heard you can jump some wires and should get awd working again. any help here? Thanks JIM
  4. reply it was the cam shaft, my mistake, . I tried to delete the crank part and insert cam but i guess i missed, He worked for Polaris a long time ago and is just a backyard mechanic now who has worked on a few things for me at a reasonable rate and i trust what he says. He told me prices roughly would be 245camshaft, rockerarm intake 122, rockerarm exhaust67 and gasket 15. Her said if your going to go as far as replacing the camshaft it is probably worth it to change the rocker arms as well. I am still undecided which route to take. I will look at the sites that you suggested to see what prices are quoted there for the parts. Oh he did adjust the valves which made it better but still not right, no power and some backfiring.
  5. I didnt run long enough too know if i used moore fuel. the friend thought sure would be main jet but he took carb boot off and jets were ok, then he called a friend of his at polaris and they told him to check the camshaft, he took something off to try and adjust the valves but that is when he could see crank cam was rounded out. I wasnt there when he worked on it for me. He told me the crank was about 450 and valves and rockers probably should be replaced if going that far, he said looking at 5 to 6 hours labor to do the job and would run around 1000...mine started as noise and power loss then as i tried things just kept getting worse before it finally just kept backfiring when giving it gas.
  6. I had a mechanic friend of mine look at it and he thought would be carb but carb was ok, he went a little further and discovered the camshaft is rounded over so valves are not opening correctly. Now I have to figure if it is worth the up to $1000 to have this fixed as it is way past my ability. He said he talked to some Polaris repair people and they told him it was a common thing with this model year sportsman. Hope yours is something much simpler, mine seemed to start the same way as yours did and got worse fairly quickly. Good luck
  7. thanks i will see if i can find some and give it a try.
  8. I took off gas cap and gas did not smell good so I decided to pump out old and put in some new. Now It seems to be not so loud but is backfiring when i give it gas, i ran it for 10 to 15 minutes to see if it would clear up but sytill had no power and is now backfiring, Could this be something in carb?, Is there a additive that might clean the fuel system? I use stabil in most of my gas but i ride the atv very infrequent, was sick in Feb and did not get to go out on ice with it, so gas may well be pretty old. I thought I saw an add for smething amsoil sells that makes engines run cleaner,,, If not I will have to take it to a shop... Thanks
  9. Pulled the exhaust sytem yesterday and do not see anything obvious, no cracks or leaks, I opened the drain on the spark arrestor and very little carbon came out. Going to change plug, Didnt put in a ngk when i changed in spring as dealer only had a A.C. replacement. So I got a ngk and will try that too. I dont think the belt is slipping, on a limited budget so dont want to bring into a shop if I can help it.
  10. It does sound like a worn out muffler, is there a way to test for this before pulling it apart?
  11. I have 1999 sportsman 500 that starts fine but when you give it gas gets loud and has no power under load.. What to check?

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