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Fuel problem 1995 King Quad 300 HELP????

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I'm helping a friend out...i picked up a king quad 1995 and it's not getting any fuel to the Carb...it has good gas flow threw to the petcock but not going into the Carb....,i took the backing plates off the petcock and Fuel dumped out.....do i have a bad petcock or is there a fuel pump somewhere or filter?I don't have a manual but in the process of getting one...I'm trying to help a friend....the petcock is not letting fuel threw to the carb...Can anyone help? Thanks MUDDIE49

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Is that petcock vacuum actuated? It could be a bad petcock. When you start the quad by turning over the engine a vacuum is created in the carb which is piped to the petcock via a rubber hose. This vacuum works on a diaphragm (located in the back of the petcock) to allow gas to flow.

Make usre you are getting vacuum.

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Thanks AMj...your right it is vacuum controlled....and i think we have a clogged hose or bad fuel pump....we're going to tear it apart this weekend....I'll let you know what we find....MUDDIE49:aargh:

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there is a fuel pump under the front left hand side on the front guard.

it is driven by the vacum from the motor.

most likely it is not broken! they have a good reputation.

with the 250 and 300 LTF kingquads made by suzuki, when ever you cannot get fuel to the carbi, just put the fuel tap on to prime, then blow in to the fuel cap vent hose (the one sticking out of the fuel cap)

once you clean the dirt off it, blow with your mouth for about 10 seconds with the same sort of pressure you would blow up a baloon.

while you are doing this... crank the bike over with the starter button (to activate the fuel pump)

this is what every motorcycle shop must do to the LTF 250/300 every time they get a new bike out of the crate and fuel it up for the first time.

The LTF seems to have a good pump as far as durability goes, but it is just a little weak when it comes to filling up the carbi when the bike is dry.

if you have any doubt about fuel getting to the carbi, pull off the fuel line (the hose that is going to the carbi with the metal spring protective cover) pull it off the carbi and see how much fuel comes out when you crank the bike over.

I say this because it is no good chasing a fuel pump problem if you only have a dirty carbi that needs cleaning!

Tell us how you go!

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Another problem I have seen with vacuum powered fuel pumps is the wrong kind of hose is being used. Regular soft rubber fuel hoses can reduce the signal strength, a the proper hose is a flexible but somewhat stiff hose that will not collapse or expand under vacuum or pressure. But, I would start with what Profil said, there is no use looking past the carb untill you have ruled that out as a problem. A float that is stuck shut will not allow gas to enter the carb, nor will gummed up fuel passages.

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Thanks for your responces...I did some tests today and found out the Fuel pump is bad,We have Vaccum going to the Fuel pump, but the outlet hose is not flowing threw to the Fuel shutoff valve...to the carb....so before we head out to buy a new F-pump...i'll try priming it.....thanks Fellers.....MUDDIE49:aargh:

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Well....the pump is good....the quad is running , the problem was the quads been sitting so long,i had to prime the fuel system, its running....but the carb needs to be cleaned up....i'm going take the carb off and clean it out jets, pilots etc....replace what needs....otherwise my buddy's pretty happy so far...thanks for all your responces and i'm sure, i'll have more questions as this project goes on..Muddie49

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Keep us posted. Maybe the float is stuck from the pivot needle being corroded...

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