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  2. MySpace.com - Samantha - 22 - Female - LAS VEGAS, Nevada - www.myspace.com/chikendoodles There is mine again. I put the web tab on my page.
  3. Ah man. That sucks major booty. How long have you been racing?
  4. You should defiantly check it out. I just got back this weekend. Of course I had a blast... I was riding everyday!
  5. Yes it actually is pink sand! I love it.
  6. MySpace.com - Samantha - 22 - Female - LAS VEGAS, Nevada - www.myspace.com/chikendoodles
  7. We will be out there June 15th- 22nd. Woo hoo!! To far away. Don't know if I can stand waiting that long. The dunes are awesome, softest sand I have ever ridden in!
  8. I ride for fun. Mainly at the dunes. Awesome. Go out to Dumont alot, unfortunately it is getting to hot to ride out there. It is in Death Valley.:ack2c: So that sucks major booty. We have a trip to planned to go out to Coral Pink Sand dunes in June. Hella siked about that!!
  9. I have a PS 2. Play mainly Mx vr. Atv and Offroad fury. Also have a game cube.. Mario cart double dash. Annnd a Super Nintendo. Donkey Kong, Mortal Combat, Mario Cart.
  10. Cops is an awesome show, It makes me laugh so hard. Pretty sure it is not meant to be funny though.. hm... T.V. Does suck now, all that seems to be on is reality shows. Which are full of drama kings and queens.
  11. Pretty much my entire family rides, so I go most of the time with them. Normally we are a huge camp of crazy girls! Been riding since before I remember being alive!

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