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  1. [/img] Here is my new baby, I think I finally found the one!!!
  2. Just wanted to say hey to all the ladies and see whats new??? I have not been on in a while - been tied to my text books - yuck!! Finally got the ride I been waiting for....have to admit the last one was a little too much machine for me to handle!! Now I have what I should have had to begin with, I love it!!!
  3. I just love to ride too!!! Plan to make a trip on the 16th to ride, been too long and I want to really get the new machine out and break her in!!! Bring on the dirt and mud!!!
  4. Gonna take it one day at a time, but I love it!!!!
  5. Hello!!! Just got my 1987 LT250R, been learning how to handle it!!! Went from electric start and reverse to having neither!! But it is definitely going to be a great learning experience!!!
  6. My Husband and I got married on our ATV's on 07/07/07, the chick that married us was a biker!!!! It was the best!!! I will never forget it!!!!!
  7. It's a bit chilly here, but gonna try ice riding in February.....maybe!
  8. I just got rid of my 1999 Yamaha Warrior 350 and now have a 1987 LT250R!!!! No reverse, no electric start!!!! I have to kick it!!!! but I am really excited about it. Now my hubby and I have a matched set lol.

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