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sorry had a wedding last night, didnt get on to see this, im a little late..

but im here too :) :)

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      This video was submitted to the QUADCRAZY Video section by Ajmboy.
      Description of Video: Yamaha Rhino Jump and Roll
      Video Tags: Yamaha Rhino Jump and Roll
      Is anyone going riding over Thanksgiving weekend? If so, where and with whom? I was at Pismo Beach last weekend and saw lots of haulers and trailers with quads out there.... sadly, I didn't have mine as I was visiting a new Grandbaby...
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      We have brought back our female riders forum with the help of NEWACRIDER!
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      Winter is upon is here in the North East. I'm in lower New York and snow will be here soon. This is the best time to take the quad out on the main roads as all you see is other riders, snow mobiles, plow trucks, some 4X4 trucks, and the occassional daredevils in their cars. How many of you guys ride in the snow (you can see I do by my pics)? What do you wear? What are you riding?
      Last winter I got my King Quad up to 72 mph in the snow on a main road....I love this beast!