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  1. I have a 1997/2002 YFM Warrior that was redone with a few extras FMF Powercore Q Pipe Wiseco high compression piston .2 over Pro Taper Se atv bars Smith grips Durablue +2 axle Dirtskins A-arm covers Dirtskins Shock covers Alba Nerfs Alba front bumper PRM Grab bar AC full skid UNI Air filter with pro charger kit Numerous amounts of new OEM Parts RM stator CDI YZ250 customized direct shift lever. Custom Yamaha gas tank graphic ...designed by me ) Fresh paint everywhere Maxxis Razr 6ply all around Douglas Blue label rims- all around Powermadd hand gaurds DRZ modified carb and jets BEFORE: AFTER:
  2. Zac and I took the quads out and played in the woods today....besides a few scratches on the both of us we made it out in on piece....was alot of fun since this is the first ride we did this year..... My new handguards thanks to Parker MX... My new Douglas red label rims and razrs all around.... Got him all dirty today... Yup this is me jumpin.... and landing.... Jus me.... Hunny (aka Zac) jumpin big.... and then.....crashing into a tree...hehehe
  3. urgh it frusterates me to no end that its like that here in NY.......around here it doesnt matter if you have permission to ride or not, u are always gettin harassed by the law....always lookin over the shoulder and it takes away the enjoyment.....it really is sad...
  4. My friend Josh showing off.....
  5. Very sad at least he died doing what he loved but all in all its truly very sad
  6. Did u check the relay and neutral switches???? I have a stator for a 97 warrior i think it will fit your quad, its brand new, i bought it with the cdi box from rm stator because when we tore down my quad it wouldnt start when we put it back together, it turned out to be corroded wiring, relay and neutral switches and the cdi. Didnt need to replace the stator.
  7. I got 4 new Douglas red label rims for my quad with Razr tires on the front rims ( already got the razr back tires). I also got powermadd hand guards ). I cant wait to see my quad all pimped out. I got a Klipsch ipod doc, the entire national lampoon vacation series. My honey got a playstation 3 with guitar hero world tour and atv vs mx untamed. It was a good christmas.
  8. Im looking for any perspectives, i hear its a good place from online but wondered if ne one has experienced it for themselves on here.
  9. Anyone here been to the Hatfield-McCoy trail system in West Virginia?? My hunny and I are thinkin of planning an atv trip down there next year.
  10. Ha ive been on here for almost a year and havent posted in here yet. I have a 1997 YFM350x Warrior. I bought it very very very used in march, tore it down to the frame and me and my hunny gave it an amazing makeover. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! It came out better than expected. Im so glad i got the opportunity to take it apart because i learned so much. I live in upstate new york . Ive lived up here all my life....when i was a kid riding around here was great, all kinds of trails etc.... NOW...not so much....all the trails are gettin closed down, pretty much the only place you can ride legally is on a track...sad but true. You are required to register and insure your quad in new york...they say the money is supposed to go towards trails......havent seen that happen yet.... I work as a licensed veterinary technician in cat only hospital. Im not married yet but im with the "one" No kids unless you count my 3 cats.
  11. I love my razrs, they are 20-11-9 they are the 6 ply. They are perfect for my quad.
  12. needle bearings get shredded ???? I had to replace bearings in my swingarm, and bushings , actually i had to get a new swingarm.
  13. Sarahs husband is a professional snowmobile racer, and her and her husband ride quads and such.
  14. O and as far as McCain being old....his mom is 96 years old and cheering him on at the convention . Hes got good genes in the family .
  15. She' s a strong woman, she has five kids and yet she was able to govern alaska and do a great job at it. Come on she even sold her private jet on ebay As far as her pregnant daughter, people make mistakes and learn from them, i dont think that is a reflection on Palin being a bad mother nor does it have ne thing to do with the election or her being a good VP. Its my belief that its not the mistakes children make that make parents bad, its how they deal with the problems and mistakes that life brings. Her daughter will now have to grow up a lil quicker and have more responsibilities, but she will get through it and be just fine. McCain isn't perfect but he has put his country first throughout his life. I don't believe that he brings up being a POW so people feel sorry for him. He brings it up because that has made him who he is now. It is his proof of how he has always put his country ahead of even his own life. It shows him having a great deal of leadership and experience that I just dont see in Obama. McCain has great knowledge on foreign policies while Palin has great knowledge on more domestic issues. Its a good team, not perfect but they have my vote. Noone has to agree and ne one is welcome to disagree, just my opinion.
  16. It seems to work better if your still moving and you put the lever back in gear from reverse. I dunno why. Also gotta play with the clutch alot to move it as well .
  17. Yeah since its illegal to ride ne where around here we have a very limited area to ride, we have an old railrod bed, some snowmobile trails and a small sandpit. Also have a few wooded trails. But its still plenty enough to tear it up and have a blast.
  18. why do u want to go so fast in reverse??? I actually hate the reverse lever on the warrior, i have so much friggin trouble sometimes gettin the thing outta reverse.
  19. My new rear razrs Me on my fabulous toy 1997 warrior... My man Zac on his rappy 700 Our friend Josh on his 300ex
  20. haah cheap suspension???? Good luck, suspension is sooooooooo expensive. You better start savin your pennies, but its a good list you have goin.

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