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  1. My brother in law is thinking about getting a raptor 350. I ride a Banshee so I don't know anything about raptors. how is the performance on the 350? Will it keep up with a Banshee and some 450's??? let me know, thanks............
  2. is there any places to ride around or within an hour or two of philadelphia, pa???
  3. Yeh, the north east sucks for riding. In the mean time I think I'll hit one of the state foests imass. I hear it's good riding over there.
  4. I travel 3 hrs. to NJ and 3hrs. to PA every 2 to 3 weeks to ride. Kingston is nothing, I can make it there in 2 hrs. flat, I just want to know if it's leagal to ride there so I don't waste a trip driving up there.
  5. where is ottis and sandsfield? I'm not from the area, so where would a good place to park be?
  6. Does anyboy know anything about the trails in Kingston? If so, is it legal to ride there. I heard there is lots of riding there, but I don't know if it's legal or not>
  7. Is it ok to ride a quad here ib arcadia? If it is, then what are the trails like.
  8. Does anybody hav e any info on riding at Arcadia, RI

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