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  2. After riding for 20 minutes or so check engine hot flashes, I then stop and idle, fan will kick on run briefly warning goes out. oil, coolant, are both full. The fan appears to be working but does not always come on when I stop and just let it idle while the warning is flashing. Can turn engine off with warning flashing, fan does not run, can immediately restart warning resets does not flash fan does not run, runs fine, a short time later warning will come back on. Trying to decide if this is a flow problem maybe thermostat or sensor problem. Have repair manual on order has not arrived yet.
  3. New to the forum, just glancing around wow what a wealth of experience and knowledge that is gathered here. Look forward to reading more.
  4. Hi there new to the site, just purchased a 2006 Polaris Sportsman 450/ Browning Edition has 139 hours looking for free repair manual for the starter, frequently when starting the starter grinds and does not appear to be engaging the flywheel, however most of the time on second try it starts with no problem. To me grinding is bad sign of worse things to come or is it a common trait with the 450"s. Thank you for any thoughts you can provide.

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