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  1. no riding for me. Both the boyfriend and i got new front ends so we're putting those on. =]
  2. aww man. well thanks anyway. I REALLY need these things gone. So someone buy them!
  3. $500 shipped (Merced,CA). 95% tread left.. Rears are Holeshot XCT 22x11x10. Fronts are ITP C Series Sport 23x7x10
  4. I am around Merced, a little south of modesto. And as for Fathers day, I'm going to Palm Springs! I will be sure to take a lot of pics =]
  5. yeah, we are going to head up that way someday, but it's quite a drive for us. Pismo is only 4 hours away.. plus they have the BEST cinnamon rolls in the world! =]
  6. I'm heading out to pismo june 4th through the 8th, anyone else going to be out there?
  7. i'm only about 30 min away from it and i hate it. it's too small and the track was made for dirtbikes. i've been out there a bajillion times with others but only rode my wuad out there once and it's not worth it IMO. i would rather drive out to hollister and use the track up there.
  8. yeah, i live out here. we are planning our 6th trip riiight now. we'll be heading out to pismo june 4th through the 8th. you should head there ;]
  9. You're traveling all the way from Salinas to go to La Grange? [i saw your post on norcal BTW] Have you been there before?
  10. Boondockers Nitrous Kit- $650 OBO shipped. This is a Boondockers nitrous kit that i paid $850.00 for and I only used it at 2 trips to the dunes. It is a fun toy to have, i beat banshees and raptor 700's with no problem. I have a water temp. gauge and the motor never got any hotter than normal when I would squeeze. My method was when I would shift into third I would hit the button for about 2 seconds and then again when I hit fourth. I was usually far enough ahead that I really didn't need to hit it after fifth gear. Like i said it was really cool to have, don't really want to get rid of it but my girlfriends quad needs a new front end. I will miss it but my girlfriends safety is a little more important to me than all the looks i would get with the nitrous bottle hanging in front of the quad. My quad just has a pipe, k & N with no lid and re-jetted. I will include the k & n filter so you don't have to worry about drilling the hole in the back of it for the manifold. ( The hose coming from the bottle to the solenoid is steel braided.) NEED THIS THING GONE. IF YOU NEED PICS EMAIL ME AT [email protected]
  11. jersey [ when too hott it's a wifebeater] riding pants boots gloves helmet goggles the b/f is making me get a chest protector.. not too excited about that one.[because until recently i never saw the womens ones and was umm a little concerned] funny thing is after me throwing a hissyfit about it, i didn't see a dropoff at the dunes and ate my bars. so therefore i lost the arguement..

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