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  1. This is one of my best pics of the first high jump I did. I was riding out at La Grange track, had the time of my life that day.
  2. I wear a FOX helmet, SCOTT goggles, THOR red jersey and pants,THOR 50/50 black boots,THOR red gloves, FOX silver/black chest protection.
  3. You know what you are right, I'm sticking with Hollister for now. Thanks for the wake up. I'm going to Hollister tomorrow 5/17
  4. Do you play often? Can you play by ear, you listening to music and playing along it. Try it , it's pretty cool. When I was in school I learned to read music and I got bored always reading music. So I started listening and playing along my cd's and got better at my playing. Now it's easy to play anything I hear, well except rock music. O and by the way, nice drawing you drew, excellent. Thats one of my other talents I have too, drawing. I do more of calligraphy lettering. Anyways back to the subject "music". I hope you don't stop playing and riding ofcourse.
  5. Hello there,now BLUES I can have fun with my sax forever. Yeah all those artists are very familiar.
  6. Do you own a saxophone now? Only because I have the whole sax family. From soprano to baritone. They're fun to play man. Yeah same here high school marching, concert and jazz stage band. Those were the days!
  7. Ishock A-ARMS. I added my little nephew Mikey, to be in pic so he can give it a better look
  8. Catching some air on MX Track at La Grange, AWESOME MAN !
  9. I did post it at the "action shots too.
  10. In that case man of course I'll do it when ever. Name the place.
  11. Yeah I've been several times,I forgot how many. I reall love th mx track because of the jumps and fact that us quads can ride on it period. I don't mind the distance. I only make 1.5 hrs. On the way back home is when it seems long because I'm tired.
  12. Getting some air at La Grange MX Track and feeling great while in the air.
  13. :idea:Anybody want to go? Me and some friend from here Salinas will be going. It will be an all day riding. CANCELED TRIP, HOLLISTER INSTEAD

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