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  1. This is my friend with a 400 but we have the same pipe I think they sound the best out of all the pipes.
  2. two stokes= rebuild after one trip to the dunes. ha the sand tears them up. While they might be fast and if done right can not be touched on the hill climbs the sand tears them apart and they already are extremely touchy.
  3. hey, I have a HMF Bill Balance pipe, wiesco piston, big gun rev box, then the normal. I want to do tons more but I'm going to school so money is tight.
  4. i uploaded the wrong photo the first time sorry about that.
  5. hey thanks I have not checked in awhile and I'm actually one of the unlucky ones..... thanks
  6. I'm also new... I ride a TRX 450ER... and live in Ariona
  7. I was just wondering if anyone lives on the west coast and has the opportunity to go to the dunes out here. If not...... Then you have never ridden a quad to its fullest. It is one of those things you have to experience it because no words can.
  8. you also might want to get a desert tank for the sole reason that they look sick on outlaws my buddy has one on his. also it is helpful for long rides and is great for the dunes.
  9. once you go to the dunes you will never want to go any where else. (PERIOD)
  10. If you want the best go with elka yea you pay a lot but it is just amazing... I also like fasst handle bars it helps with control (stability) and also softs hard rides. I would buy the handle bars before the stabilizer.... good luck
  11. My buddy just big bored his honda 400 and that thing keeps up with my piped 450. But I would recommend getting new seals a good weisco piston and the doing it right because if not you will just have more problems.
  12. Plastic Renew stuff didn't work to well for me, I had to keep applying it even after the easiest rides and in the end just faded my plastics.

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