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  1. the stabilizer will be your best investment by far.. the stick types are cheaper then the puck.. ccp makes a good one that can be rebuilt.. i got a moose one from my local dealer for just over a hundred bucks.. that was with a discount but it is like 150 retail.. it should be in on tuesday.. i have rode another quad with one and loved it
  2. looks like you have your work cut out for ya.. that banshee looks like she has quite a few hours on it.. but there are tons of aftermarket go fast parts for them and are pretty reasonable price wise.. keep it up man and take your time.. get a service manual and go at it..
  3. you would only benifit from duals if you have two exhaust ports.. thats on a single cylinder that is..
  4. banshee is a two stroke and has duals. only because it has 2 pistons.. if you don't have 2 exhaust ports duals are a waste..
  5. there is no play in it is my guess
  6. dude its your jets. if the clutch was slipping it wouldn't be pulling hard or bogging... you will know when your clutch begins to go...
  7. get a service manual, check ebay and internet based shops for the best deals.. i have never dealt with one on a quad but i'm sure it isn't too hard.. best be would be to get a service manual and go from there on if you wanna pay to do it or try yourself
  8. they are some beasts but the 500 and the 250 have weak frames... so if you do one of them i would recommend putting some gussets on the frame
  9. the 14 inch is alot of wheel for a 400.. i'm sure its possible but your going to loose alot of power..i wouldn't go more then an inch or two over stock on the tires.. the wheels i would stay with the stock size and inch bigger at the most..
  10. switch over to enigine ice also will help it run a little cooler also.. its kinda pricey but worth the money
  11. way worth the money.. i don't have one yet but have rode with one before.. its like a night and day difference...
  12. it will give you gains for sure.. when you put on an aftermarked intake and exhaust ( or even taking out your sparky) your going to need to add more fuel.. or you will be running lean, and damaging you engine... the pc will give you full control of the fuel curves.. totally adjustable.. and if your interested in the pc the best place and cheapest is Fuel Moto USA $259 shipped. thats where i got mine.. they will even put a map on it with your mods... but one thing to consider is that if you really don't plan on going into the motor you will be fine with a dobeck controller.. such as an hmf etc... to completely dial in a pc it should but installed on your bike then adjusted on a dyno.. you can get in the ball park with other peoples maps but never right on.. got to remember every bike is different..

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