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  1. well this is about as far as i have gotten to im am in need of some parts i need stock air box assembly misc bolts stock front wheel and carb cross over pipe thats it so far oh if you have pegs i would love to have an extra set so hook me up
  2. heres the reeds and this shiny dot in the middle of the crank is a pice of metal from the piston skirt
  3. after i had pulled the head i pulled the cylinders and this is what i found
  4. then i pulled the head i had seen that there was this and started to relize it was going to take longer than i had expected oh well its all fun and shit for me though
  5. ya this this was dirty as hell so the first thing i did was clean it all up real nice
  6. btw i had to sell my blue one about a year ago
  7. this is my new banshee and i ride it because i like to go fast
  8. do the make a 400ex kick start i hate electric start lol

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