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  1. i have an 06 yfz and i was wondering will a 04 axle work in my 06 with my 06-08 carrier bearing
  2. Theres no leaks of coolant anywhere, just the smell of anti-freeze the coolant in the rezzy is about 1 inch below the full line and i have only did 1 practice -4 hard laps, 2 races 6 hard laps and i have practiced twice at my track. the bike runs strong, im goin to put my water pimp i have from my 06 motor on, i know theres nothing wrong with that on.
  3. I rebuilt the motor its runs good when i put more anti-freeze into the rezzy and filled up the rad. but when i put anti-freeze into the rad. i spilled some on it but it should of evaporated by now, it starts to smell once the bike gets warm. Theres no steam comin from anywhere, and the smell has been there since i filled up the rad. The coolant level has dropped some, and no its not leaking
  4. After i get done with a race or done riding im always smelling anti-freeze could this mean i need a new water pump?
  5. So i still havnt looked into what is making the noise inside my swing arm but i was wonder are the axle bearing and seals in the carrier housing?
  6. i did lift the bike up and the axle doesnt move, when riding it you hear a loud sqeeking and sometime a cracking noise
  7. the noise started after i land a double at the track and the noise has been getting louder the axle isnt bent theres 4 allen head bolts you have to loose to tighten the chain up i tightened the chain up thinking that was the problem b/c it was loose but that wasnt it, i still think its the bearings, i have never greased them b/c theres no fittin to grease them with. theres no rubbing or cracksyou can hear it it coming from inside the housing
  8. After hitting a double at my practice track friday i notice a loud noise coming from the carrier and it sounds like the chain is goin to pop off could it be the axle bearing may have gone bad?
  9. I just got done fixing/Welding the bottom end of my old yfz case, where i hot a jump and came down on the shifter and bent the shaft and it took a big chunk of the case off when i landed and oil was coming out everywhere, well to ge to the point the yfz450 cases are made of really super clean cast/aluminum there easy to weld, the hole i had to weld went from nothing upto 1/4 wide, and it went half way around where the shifter shaft comes out, so if you can weld aluminum its really easy because the metal is so clean,just make sure you clean the area your about to wled really good before welding, and if you live in the Ohio Valley (OH,WV,PA) area and need your motor or anything welded E-mail me at [email protected]
  10. Where on the head is the decompression plug i have looked everywhere or unless im not looking hard enough?
  11. ok, its doesnt do it anymore. Now i notice it tops out really fast with the 168 jet and i tapping off the rev limiter with the 170 it took awhile beforethe rev limiter would hit, the bike is super fast and hits the limiter quick
  12. it doesnt backfire any other time just when its sitting there idling and i rev it up it will back fire , it wont do it with the 170 jet but the bike has more power with the 168, its not like a backfire, it will shoot a flame out the exhaust.
  13. i have a 06 yfz450 with a 05 bottom end it has a heavy duty crank and a 06 top end i just put it all back together it runs great i had a 170 jet with a 48 main jet, i put a 168 jet back in because i had a guy that used to be a factory mechanic on a race team look at it and he told me to do so. Now with a 168 jet it when i rev it, it backfires not all the time just every once in awhile i got the clip on the needle on the 4th setting and im running straight turbo blue. evrything is in time
  14. what wire would it be on the yfz or can you do it to the yfz
  15. The raptor 250 is the fastest 250 out there me and my brother have tested it against other 250's and none of them even come close in a race or riding on the trails we put the 250 raptor up against a 300ex with exhaust and a K&N filter and the 250 raptor stayed right next to it, so yamaha is doin something right

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