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  2. Hello where would be the best place to hook up a volt meter on my 07 KQ if direct from battery I would need a switch I would like it to turn off when the key is off please let me know if there is a way and which wires would be best to use for what I want I do Thanks in advacne
  3. What about hook up? Direct from battery or is there another way?
  4. Perfect thanks just wanted to make sure in case the clerk looked at me funny when asking for one for my KQ!! Lol
  5. Hi all! I would like to install a volt meter on my KQ 700 is it as easy to pick up one at my nearest auto parts outlet? For car/truck would work the same? Sorry not exactly sure, would really like to purchase one tomorrow instead of waiting the two or more weeks for it if I order one on line and would I just run both wires from the battery or is there somewhere else that is best to run both wires thanks in advance for your help!
  6. Yeah ok but mine doesn't have the option of turning on/ off the gas and it is leaking out of one the lines on top of tank but the tank is not really full and it does this very freaking odd thanks for the replys guys I will check it out on the weekend and see what I can find!!!
  7. No I haven't is it connected with a hose by the tank if so what the way to check it? Thanks
  8. Hello having problems for a gas leak on my 07 king quad where gas is running slowly by my left foot checked the hose that runs from the tank and all looks well and only happens when I fill it and yes I don't over fill it, my dealer couldn't find the problems as well any suggestions? Thanks
  9. Hi, i changed the injector because it was split from probable water in the gas as i use it all year long since then no problems what so ever....goes great!!!! Thanks!
  10. What do anybody think about putting wheel spacers on my kingquad 700???? I've seen two kinds: just changing the bolts or the real spacer block.... Not looking for alot just probable looking at 1 1/2 each side.. let me know guys!!!! thanks..
  11. Hi, thanks for the message. I found out what the problem was this winter when i took it to my dealer and had it checked and found out that the injector was split????? Maybe from a bit of water in the gas during the winter periods and froze in the injector?? But without any cost for me my dealer changed it and it works great just like the day I bought it in 07. Also i changed my air filter to a K&N from a UNI that my dealer gave to me when i purchased the bike and i find it runs alot smoother with the K&N... Thanks take care!!
  12. Hello everyone, just got my King out of the shop to fix my starting problem after all this time and my dealer found the problem....It was my injector that was split possibly by the cold or so on!!! Finally got her back what a relief. Thanks for all your help the same guys, take care.....ride safe!!!
  13. I never checked anything so far but it gives me somewhere to start!!! Thanks...
  14. I'm having problems with my 07 kingquad 700 where when i go outside to start from not being started in a few days to find out that it turns over well but just won't start but as soon as i pull the cord she starts???????? Does anyone know what's going on??? Thanks!!!

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