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  2. Yeah I'm gathering that. It is one sweet ride but man that's gunna be a costly pain in the rear.
  3. I have two of these quads and right now both have torn inner cv boots. The stock boots look the cheesy p.o.s and will continue to tear on a regular basis. Does anyone know of an upgraded more durable cv boot for these machines?
  4. Problem solved! So it was not a throttle or carb or gas problem. The battery went bad and would't hold a charge about two years ago and I have just been using the pull start and that worked fine for me. Every time I worked on the bike it just kept getting harder to start and today I was to tired to keep yanking on the pull start so I hooked it up to a battery charger on start assist. It fired right up and runs like a champ. I guess the battery deteriorated enough and the bike doesn't create enough charge it self. So new battery and no more problem. I tell you what, I have one clean carb now.
  5. Here is a 80's Warrior. Trail ride with no saw and needed to get past this tree so we all made a ramp and jumped it.
  6. Thanks for helping DD. So I played with the adjustment on the Pilot, now it idles better but I still can not give it gas or it dies. The diaphram looks good, The float is in correctly. So here are some pics of the carb and shows the float movement, maybe this will help.
  7. You have to bare with me cause I am no mechanic. If your talking about the screw to adjust the feul/idle speed I did play with that and there is only one spot were the bike with start and barely idles, if I try and increase or decrease the flow it just dies. The float in the carb doesn't have much movement so it barely moves the float valve(normal? I can't see a way to change that). I guess now that I think about that, I was moving the float with the carb upside down so i can see it having more valve movement when its flipped over. Im lost! :willy_nillyc:
  8. I just found the carb had a little dirt in it the first time. So I took the carb apart again and used air and double checked this time to make sure jets were clear. Now it barely idles for a short time and I can't give it any gas cause it dies out. I don't see what I can adjust in the carb, here is a link to the OEM drawings of my carb 2003 Kawasaki KEF300-B3 Lakota Sport OEM Parts, 2003 Kawasaki KEF300-B3 Lakota Sport OEM Motorcycle Parts - BikeBandit.com
  9. So my Lakota Sport isn't running right. It starts and idles fine but gags out (doesn't die) when I hit the throttle unless I go super slow and once I get to the high revs I can play with the throttle all i want. I have so far; put in new gas, cleaned air filter, cleaned carb, changed spark plug, adjusted throttle cable, valves were adjusted about a year ago with only a couple rides on it. Any ideas?
  10. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSwdBViTadQ]YouTube - ATV Jumping - 525 Outlaw IRS[/ame] 07' Outlaw 525 irs
  11. I have to take my motor completely apart on my 525 Outlaw with the KTM motor. Any suggestions on mods while I have it apart?
  12. :aargh:My Outlaw is leaking oil out off the seem in the engine block just above the rear oil filter area and possible another spot in that seem. Anyone else had this problem? What would cause this? I thought KTM was suppose to be a good engine, thats the only reason I risk getting a polaris.
  13. I love riding through the woods/forest. It’s often the more technical, lots of obstacles, great views, gnarly hill climbs, and various terrains. Wheeeew! Yeah! Lets go I’m getting excited just thinking of it.:hurrayc::partyc:

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