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  1. foxgirl

    Do you have a MySpace profile?

  2. foxgirl


    Yeah it will be one of the many (best days of your life)! You both look so happy!
  3. foxgirl


    Congrat's, it all looks so wonderful. You look gorgeous!
  4. foxgirl

    October Photo Contest!

    Events » QUADCRAZY ATV Community
  5. foxgirl

    Yamaha YFZ450 valve clearance

    The crank that is a 1.4mm longer is more less a 06 crank which will make a 04-05 motor a true 450cc. Stock intake valves are 27mm all 3 and the exh. Are 28mm.
  6. aww he is so cute, they are so much fun at that age.
  7. Was just wonder if anyone is going to be down there Oct 16-19? There is a big group of us that is going to be there, welcome to come out and hang.
  8. foxgirl

    Do you race? Or just ride for fun?

    I do alot more drag racing, but I like to ride for fun every once in a while.
  9. Boy I missed alot here, been so busy. Here is my newest bike.
  10. foxgirl

    What do you ride and why?

    Thanks, it has taken some time and a lot of $$ to get them that way...
  11. All this talking about riding..Boy I can't wait till it gets warmer...I love riding at the dunes..Usually go to Little Sahara, Oklahoma..But have been out to California and Utah to ride the dunes...Just a blast!!
  12. Here is mine and my hubbies...
  13. foxgirl

    What do you ride and why?

    I ride a 87 yamaha banshee..has a dune and play port with a hot rod crank and a set of T-5's. Do more racing with it than anything, but can still hit the dune trails...Had this bike for about 12 yrs now
  14. foxgirl

    Lady Intro - Start Here

    Hey everyone! I am Christy, I am 24 yrs. I live in Kansas City, Kansas. Have a 5 month old daughter and here in April will have a 4yr old stepson and 12 yr old stepdaughter...Trying to get them into riding..I work at the airport for UPS as an admin. I have been riding since I have been 3 or 4...Do alot of duning and drag racing. My soon to be hubby has been riding before I met him and after we met, I got him more into it.