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  1. Also,,,,I have spent this past year in the hospital...Something that I have been putting off for 12 yrs finally caught up with me and almost killed me. My large intestine ruptured. Had to have 2 feet removed. Wish I would have had that fixed all those years ago..I feel like a new man. Anyway,,,Non of this is TRIKE RELATED!!!!
  2. Next weekend...He go pick up his new ride/Project. 1965 Sunbeam Tiger. Google it. LOL...
  3. When he turned 16 I gave him the Raptor 700R. We had to basically rebuild the fuel pump, install new injector and new battery. Fired right up!! That POS had been in the garage untouched since 09. I hate that thing. He loves it though.
  4. Soooooooo,,,,,Its been awhile!!!! Whats new...Hmmmmmm...Where to start. My son has now turned 16...We worked feverishly on his new ride. His Daily Driver now. 1969 Ranchero.
  5. What up Brotha Man!!! Yes I had LOTS of trikes. I currently only have two and that's probably the way it will stay. My youngest is into cars and girls now. He still loves to ride but the little 70s he found out are just a little too small...LMAO!!! He is 6'2 and will be 15 in two months..He rode the Hell out of that 125 for 7 days..I still have a 08 Raptor 700R SE that I bought new. I hate that thing. Its been parked since 09. It has less than 10 hrs on it. He wants that now.. The wife and I have the RZR and love it. Still have my Tri-Z too.. Got rid of the spyder in 09..They bought it back. Too many problems..I commute on my Motorcycle now..
  6. Picked this up a few months ago.. 85 ATC70 with Lifan 125. Splangler Pull start adapter. Twisty, 4sp clutch with High speed Clown Horn. runs flawless. Will be getting a +10 HP Rum Runner cup holder soon.
  7. So thats it for now....Just wanted everyone to know that I was still kickin!! [ATTACH]1984[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]1985[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]1986[/ATTACH]
  8. [attach]1980[/attach] [attach]1981[/attach] [attach]1982[/attach] [attach]1983[/attach]
  9. [attach]1976[/attach] [attach]1977[/attach] [attach]1978[/attach] [attach]1979[/attach]
  10. So I think I mentioned when I was here last time that we bought a RZR..So here she is... 2014 800s...
  11. I couldnt get any of the pages to work. Just looks like the site is not there anymore...Is this just me?
  12. Ive never had one of these apart but looking at this it appears to have 3 seals. 20,21,22
  13. There was a time when I was in contact with a person in San Fran that converted a Raptor 660 into a reverse trike and made it street legal. He was going to do some more R&D and try to market a kit. But that was back in early 2000s..Not sure what happend to him..His screen name was Legaleagle on some trike sites..I also believe this was his ride..
  14. Good Morning,,,,I knew I smelled the words "SAND DUNES"!!! Where did you go?
  15. LMAO!!!! 7 years later!!! BTW...I still have my Z...Still has not been started since we last talked. Its under cover and awaiting my youngest son when he is of age.
  16. Not Blue,,,The Special Edition. Grey and Red. Your doin alot better than I am. Im 45 and lazy chair bound:laugh:
  17. What the heck has been happening around here!!!!!!!!!!! Admin Ajmboy BuckBilly:yes: My Stable is LEAN these days. You will be happy to know that I bought a Quad in 08. A Raptor 700R. I put a weekend on it and it has been parked ever since. Worst purchase Ive ever made!!! My Yamaha shop even tried to talk me out of it.. About 8 Hrs total. My son wont let me sell it as he wants it in a few yrs. LOL..I still have one Trike. My trusty Tri-Z. I havent ridden it since 07? Just bought a 2014 RZR 800s a few months ago. With AGE comes a CAGE is a very true statement. I will enjoy this until I retire in a few yrs then get a bigger one!!!
  18. A CLUE as to what Trike you have would be as well:biggrin:

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