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  1. Atcpower1


  2. my 1984 200x pos but runs ok i guess
  3. Yeah I pulled plug and it's getting really good spark
  4. I put a little fuel down in the cylinder and still nothing
  5. I would but I don't have a compression tester but really easy to kick over but it has really good spark but just won't fire
  6. I have a late 80s 200x and it hass very little compression what could be my issue please help I can get pictures if that will help you guys help me thanks for all advice in advance
  7. im not good with belts but if i figure anything out ill be sure to let you know i might have some info later tonight.
  8. it doesn't have spinners but its got 22s
  9. do you guys think i should get some pictures up on my ghetto 1982 honda atc 200
  10. Think smart, drive Fast! Three wheeler power!!!!!!!
  11. Think smart, drive Fast! Three wheeler power!!!!!
  12. That's a really good idea IMO because they will be like what else has been rigged up on this trailer and maybe go find another
  13. what are some of you can-am guys opinion on can-am.

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