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  2. no water coming out just noticed brown milky oil in diff.Decided to take apart and found both dust seals N.G. must be where water coming in.Is there seals inside diff on side bearings ? ...cause they must be shot as water is coming inside diff.....
  3. 85 sx 250 ..been out twice and each time got water in diff.Diff is snorkled..would bad dust seals cause a leak into diff? Thanks
  4. ac10

    T mark

    OK found after poring over the manual its 35 degrees.........
  5. Hi.. have 85 sx 250... need to do valve timing but there is no "T" MARK ON FLYWHEEL OR F MARK for that matter.Does anyone know the degrees that valves close BTDC or is there anyother way to figure this out .There is a small mark forTDC...thanks

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