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  1. Hell of alot of fun....That guys boat puts out over 800HP and 115mph that weekend on pump gas:yes: You too can have a boat like that for 90K:huh:
  2. I moved your thread in here.....
  3. Dont shoot the Camera Man!!!!! I was 1 Drink away from being Tanked all weekend.... So a few of them I couldnt fix the blur!!! This lake is only 30 Min. from me.....Makes it nice.... The back of my trailer was darn near 10 feet off the Shore Line.....
  4. Not sure how I missed these pictures......Great time up there......Pics do no justice to the Sand:no: Im sad that I didnt take 1 freakin pic....
  5. Good work!!!!!! Ill have my people get ahold of your people:wink:
  6. Nice work there you two:yes: Is there anything you can Do for the Wizards....????? The person that was doing our Stickers of the Wizard has left our group.....
  7. I had known about this job:yes: Helicopter High Voltage Cable Inspector
  8. Jumps.... Top 10 Biggest and Best Jumps Ever
  9. This will take some time to get though....Grab a Cup of Coffee.... Captured: A Look Back at the Vietnam War on the 35th Anniversary of the Fall of Saigon – Plog Photo Blog
  10. STRAIGHT SCREWDRIVER: A tool for opening paint cans. Sometimes used to convert common slotted screws into non-removable screws and butchering your palms.
  11. Thank you,,,,Moved to the proper forum....Maybe you will get a better response in here.... Good Luck....
  12. Please tell us what Quad you have so I can move your thread to the proper forum....
  13. Garrett made it though.....Doc says that he put it back together the best he could....Will look almost normal....He also worked on the nail bed...Says he should be able to have a full nail come back in....He wasnt so lucky waking up....He puked and had some bad stomach pains...So they put him back under with phentinal(sp) Which kept him asleep for another Hr. or so...We got him home about Noon....Hes been sleeping most of the day....
  14. Thanks Man!!! Here is what it looked like yesterday.....Doc says it has good color....Looks like the blood is still getting to the tip of it.....So this morning at 6:30 he goes in for surgery...The will bring the broken bone back up and pin it...Then sew everything up as neat as possible.... Garrett has been a trooper this whole time...His spirits are up....Wish us luck!!!!
  15. Yesterday I washed the outside of the trailer and thought it was a good time to put my sticker on.....Thinking about replacing the Tire cover with a Black one and having our Wizard logo Screened on......Anyone do any Silk Screening here????
  16. My Cousin and I both bought 87's back in 87 for the Farm....OMG!!! Bumper Cars throught the Vinyard and Orchards...Rolled em, Beat them, Wrecked them....They both are still running today..Orchard worthy....Not sure about the road...LOL!!! I also love the Fact that "SHE MADE YOU DO IT" LMFAO!!!!
  17. Glamis women, Girls riding quads and dirtbikes at Glamis sand dunes
  18. THANK GOD!!!!!!!! she had her helmet on:yes: I think that is a Sports Bra too.... I think this is some of the reason I love DUNES!!!
  19. Glad to hear...... Now post a picture of that Bad boy and what you intend to do with it:yes:
  20. Good morning!!!!! Glad you are hear....We need a Den Mother!!!!! You live in my old Stomping grounds....I was a Fireman in Riverside County....Out of Perris...Lived in Yucaipa....Anyway,,,,Glad to see another CA Member around here...Hope you continue to come around..... Your Evil Mod:wink:
  21. Are Two people considered a Group???? Bot....That Truck has 4 Wheels:wink: Agreed that all the pics are great this month....
  22. Garrett was out playing with 4 or 5 of his buddies yesterday afternoon hunting Frogs...Apparently the other kids were rolling up a large bolder while Garrett was sticking his hand under it to get a Frog...The kids let it slip with Garrett's hand still under it and pretty much Smashed the Shit of it...Had a Hand Surgeon come to the ER last night,,,Broke the tip of his Finger Bone off behind the finger nail(which he no longer has..LOL) and it is just being held on by a little piece of Flesh...I guess there are 3 blood vessels to the tip of fingers...He only has one little one left. They put 1 stitch in it to hold it on, if it looks like he can save it after the swelling goes down he will have to pin the tip back in....If he doesn't think he can save it they will amputate behind the Finger nail....Anyway,,,We have to take him in Daily for the surgeon to look at it...Ill keep you all up to date....
  23. Did you check the site???? Did it help???? Or did you throw your hands up in the air and mumble something about Mexico????

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