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  2. If anyone has an old hub cap laying around please let me know how much you want for it. I do not want to put 1 new shiny hub cap on an old 1998 Quad.
  3. WOW! You really went out of your way to help me. Thank you so much. You are terrific!!!!! I got everything but the hub cap. I don't want to have 1 shiny new hub cap, so I will try to find a used one. I had searched the internet for a rack and found nothing that looked like my "carrier". There isn't anything you can't find on the internet IF you know the name of it.
  4. Hi Josh, you "dirt demon" you, 1 bolt I need is called something, but I don't know what, but on the outside the lug nut screws on to it. The cap is maybe called a hub cap? The cap holder goes on below the wheel hub nut. I need 2 bolts that go from a arm on the frame, through the top of the fender and into the bottom of the front rack. I have no idea of the size or threads it would be. Thanks so much for your reply Pumpkin472
  5. Hi all you guys out there. I have a 1998 Suzuki LT160 Quadrunner. I need 1 10 X 24 lug nut stud I need 1 used "hub cap holder" The cap holder goes on below the wheel hub nut. I need 1 used "hub cap" Let me know if you have something I need and how much you want. USED not new. Thank You, Pumpkin472
  6. No guys, that is not a sportsbra. It would not be as nice of a picture if she had a sports bra on. A sportsbra would cover up the best part. quote from your den mother Pumpkin472 ENJOY GUYS
  7. Hi Your Evil Mod, Thank you for welcoming me. I really enjoyed your post. I enjoy everything that makes me laugh. OK, I'll be glad to be the clubs "den mother". Should I change my name from Pumpkin472 to The Den Mother? LOL I thought I would get complaints about the pic I used, but not yet. I have no pic of my quad so I put a pic of me in front of the Seabisquit statue at Santa Anita racetrack. Horses have always been my passion, that's why I live in Nuevo. I have horses on a small ranch. That reminds me....anybody want to buy a horse????? I have 5 extra horses for sale. Since you stomped in my stomping area, will you be my friend? What town do you live in now? Pumpkin472
  8. Thank you for the great idea. I wasn't looking forward to sucking on a hose.
  9. Thank you for welcoming me to QUADCRAZY. I know all you intelligent young guys can help me with my Quad. You told me age is just a number when ur riding. I haven't ridden yet. It needs things and then I don't know if it will even start. By the way guys have told me before, age is just a number. LOL
  10. Thank you so much for welcoming me to this website. I thought maybe you young guys would say "old ladies not welcome".
  11. Thank You. I need to find a legal place to take old gas. Do you know where?
  12. Where am I suppose to legally toss it? Honestly I need to know.
  13. Hi ajmboy. Thank you for welcoming me to the website. Thank you for putting me where I belonged. Pumpkin472
  14. Thank you so much. Do you have any idea how I can tell if any gas is good or not?

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