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  2. I was looking through a bunch of pics on here. I noticed that people are doing crazy/stupid stuff with no gear on at all to protect themselves. I'm not a safety Nazi by any means but I do know that I have crashed enough times to know the value of the gear I wear. I'm also guilty of doing crazy/stupid things; the difference is that I have something on to protect me when I do. What are your thoughts?
  3. ok, if I'm wrong please let me know but to me it looks like you are jumping a quad with 2 people on it(stupid). The passenger doesn't have a helmet (stupid) and also has no protective gear at all(stupid). Did you want to hurt your mom?
  4. GET A GRAB BAR! When you are learning wheelies it's almost a gaurantee that you will go back far enough to hit it a few times. It's even more likely when you decide to learn to shift with the front end up. Every quad is different when learning and I agree with everyone else. Practice, Practice, Practice!
  5. I'm in. Here's mine: LSR +3 LT A-Arms Elka triple rate shocks Blingstar Iron cross Bumper Pro Taper Bars ITP Rims ITP XCT Tires ODI Lock on Grips (love those things) twin air filter AC Nerfs +3 rear axle WB full Exhaust HRC Cam kit Pro Armor teather kill switch Braided Brake Lines 13 tooth front Twin Air Filter and a bunch of other stuff that I can't remember at the moment
  6. I love the trike man! Very nicely done! P.S. Don't mean to put a damper on things but the rules say "One photo per member allowed" Just thought I would let you know so you don't disqualify a very nice trike!
  7. I think you got bad info. They are still in buisness and still producing the tires. Just picked up another set. Cycle Gear sells them mounted on rims. Check their site
  8. UPDATE: I just talked to the dealership here and he is still getting these tires in. They are not out of buisness
  9. I have a 2004 KFX. I am throwing a white bros rd4 slip on for now. I know about the company already lol. I just got a screaming deal on it. My question is this: From stock, how many jet sizes should I go up to get this thing to run correctly? Everything else is stock, engine wise at least.
  10. Well, pulling the lid worked like a champ for about 4 hours lol. We got a cold snap in the afternoon and it needed to run a richer mixture so, it went back on and runs like a champ again. I'll just have to pull it back off when the temp comes up. Thanks for the help

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