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  2. haha this is a cute pic gotta love how they wanna be just like us ya know loli have a 2 yr old also who rides a little quad like that and he seen me doing wheelies n stunts on mine so he now has been trying them on his little wheeler n after about a mth he has it down he can do everything i do its so funny to watch good pic tho and hope you cherish the memories
  3. when i log in the first thing i click is home i like to see the shout box n what new pics n vids ppl have posted also i like to see the new posts but i think this is a great idea ya'll got i dont like when it goes to my account page lol unless i have messages
  4. well im streched on cash right now but plan to do a spring over lift thats gonna add me about 4 1/2 inches to the hight then throw me some 31' mudders on there gotta fab me a new sterdy front and rear bumper that will hold a winch then ima fab a complete roll cage on the inside of the rig add me some rectangle lights up top sand it all down and go all black with the color and black top grey inside with diamond plate rocker panels and rear corner covers will probly try and install a power steering system for a tracker or something still doing reserch on what all i can mod on this thing i did find a pic of one i absolutly love and wouldnt mind making mine look similar to but with my own little touch of awsomeness but here is that one man its frickin sweet if you ask me i love how this one looks all around but i would add the winch on the front and diamond plate rocker panels and rear corners but this is what im shooting for its gonna be my daily driver so i cant go to extreem
  5. well i had an unexspected thing pop up with enrolling my son into school he will be starting Pre-K the end of summer and with us having 1 vehicle and the school saying he cant ride the bus with his sister it brought up an issue that needed to be adressed not to mention he will only be going half day so the wife made me sell off all my wheelers to get a 2nd vehicle lol it was heart breaking yes buttttttt me trying to think of anyway possible to be out on the trails having fun i devised a plan and got another toy so to say ended up buying an 87' sazuki samarai 4x4 its a lot like riding in a side by side lol fits down the trails just the same as any 4x4 utility atv does and will go anywhere and to top it off its street legal and will get the kid to school and he can ride passenger on this lmaoo so im not toally out of the game and here is a pic of me testing it out lol its all stock at the moment but im changing that asap doing a spring over lift thats gonna bring it up 4 1/2 inches then put some 31' mudders on it and a winch and plenty more mods
  6. yea it hit a little to close was a rough one i tell ya but thankful we are okay
  7. well monday we got slammed with 37 tornados 2 hit within 4 miles of my house we tryed to go help the folks where it hit as much as we could but service vehicles wouldnt allow us to enter the area it was a rough one but we came out okay some wheren't so lucky and my preyers go out to all of them i hope everyone is okay and safe looks like we had some hit lastnight also in the tulsa area if any of you in the oklahoma area need any help with what ever just let us know and keep your eyes peeled looks like we got the whole week of storms like this be safe everyone
  8. i have a friend who has a 96 yamaha moto4 stuck in high range does anyone have any idea what this problem could be
  9. ok i think it has to do with my wireing i pulled off the wire harness and its been cut n messed with like real badly i cant aford a new harness from the plc they want 90 for it and i just dont have the cash right now so i can redo this one but i have another issue at hand who ever tampered with this used differant wire and well has wire that goes to nothing none of the colors match up so i went online to find me a diagram and i got the owners manual its a PDF file saved on my pc but the wire diagram is way blurry and i have tryed to copy n past it to a photo shop program to see if i can sharpen it any but cant so i find my self asking does anyone have the time that they can see what they can do to this diagram to make it readable or can someone walk me through how to do it please thank you for your help guys
  10. ok here is my problem i have a kazuma 250cc that was running like 2 weeks ago i bought it from my brother with plans to fix it up for my wife or oldest kid...he took it out muddin and then washed it at car wash and now it wont start it does turn over but thats it i cleaned out the carb real good and still nothin i chkd for fuel flow its getting it so i chkd the spark plug for spark very faint spark so i cleaned off the contacts and still very faint like hair thin spark so i traced all my wires and chkd all my plug conections and they look good but one. the plug going into my CDI box was caked with wet mud and looks as tho it had some kind of cemical start to bubble my clip that plugs into my CDI box will i have to replace the wire harness cause of this and if so where can I buy one for this atv I did order a new CDI box and a bunch of other electrical starter related items but I cant find a wire harness ...here is a cpl pics of what I found when i pulled CDI box off atv

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