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  2. Just an update on my 200es. First I would like to thank everyone that tried to help and offer advice. I finally got this thing running. I still might have a valve issue, because it pops when it sits and idles. Anyway It turned out to be a bad regulator/rectifier. Thanks again. Bruce. I think Im doing the valves right, but if anyone has some advice Im all ears lol.
  3. b1jackson, I replaced the stator coil with a new one. After I put everything back together and tried to start it I still didnt have spark. I tested the coil and it tested bad. Something fried the stator coil. The only part I didnt swap is the rectifier/regulator. Im waiting for it in the mail, and a new coil. Thanks for your input. Bruce
  4. Thanks Oxidized_black, I have another stator and a rectifier/regulator on the way. Anything I need to watch out for. Or just put it together, cross my fingers and hit the starter lol. Thanks again. Bruce
  5. Is there more than one fuse? I checked the one under the seat. Its ok
  6. Does that mean my cdi is toast just from turning the engine over? Bruce
  7. This is what I did so far. New plug, new coil, cdi, stator coil. tried starting it. No spark. Tested coil, Bad coil, again. Can a bad rectifier/reg fry my stator coil? Thanks Bruce
  8. The reading should be 200-400 ohms. I dont get any resistance.
  9. Can someone tell me the correct way to test the stator coil in my 84 honda 200es? I disconnected the wiring at the 6 pin plug, and using an ohm meter tested the red/blk wire to grnd. I didnt get any resistance. Am I doing this right? Thanks Bruce
  10. Check the float in your carb. It's out of adjustment, or has a hole in it> Bruce
  11. This is my third sprocket. It seems to be more at the index mark on the sprocket. Checked the crank sprocket, no wear. Can the chain be stretched to were I can"t keep it in proper time? Anyone run into this? Any thoughts? Thanks Bruce
  12. The pulse generator is located on the left side of the motor near the top of the cylinder. It rotates on the same shaft as the cam. Driven by the timing chain. Bruce
  13. I took the cover off the pulse generator, It looks like someone threw a handfull of rust in there. Can someone tell me what is going on. And how to keep this from happening again. Thanks Bruce
  14. Thanks, I"ll check it out. Bruce
  15. Is there any way to check an electric choke for proper operation? Thanks

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