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  1. st200


  2. i need hubs for a honda 200x....
  3. hey fellow quadcrazy members lol its been a while...but im looking for some hubs for honda 200x...and tires let me now if u have either of thoughs
  4. ok went outside to go start my atv and i connected it with the jumper cables and it started clicking tik tik then waited a little and went out side it worked and started-------then i killed it......and try to restart but it did it again...just started clicking
  5. exactly.....and all i did was type in 200cc cdi.....lol
  6. its a chinese quad.....ummmm...on the plastics it says 200st........all chinese engines r the same.... but the sizez of frame r differnt and diffrent ccs
  7. Ok got the atv running like a champ just need a battery......but wait i look on the floor and gas is all over the floor......the gas was leaking from the intake..and out of the hose leading from the float bowl....plz help...oh yea ima put a video up......yea sooo:aargh:
  8. were to ride closes place to go quading by fullerton and brea california
  9. took it to moto west and the guys like i ummmmmm i dont know how to find the part so i found it then i just ordered it its coming tomorrow
  10. Ok I changed the fuse now the lights and stuff work but. The spark. Plug. Is. New. But the quad is missing the cdi.
  11. not sure wat year can u help but i know its a chinese quad its a 200st 200cc:no:
  12. ok well i got the electric start working and i need to know if the cdi wil make it start cause its not getting spark or somthing
  13. st200

    wats a cdi

    k check out my profile pick cause i cant find out how to put them on a post
  14. st200

    wats a cdi

    its 200st chinese manurfacured
  15. i got my first quad and there is two wires just sitting ther not conected is that were the cdi goes none of electricity works will that help

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