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  1. Moved your thread in here....Good luck with your Event!!!
  2. I would say you are correct...IMO, anything with Free Shipping on a Vehicle isnt legit....However,,,,,Some people just need to get out from under something and will offer it at what they owe or below Market just to get the cash or piss someone off... For Example....I bought an 87 Corvette once for 100 Bucks...This Lady was going though a Divorce and had to split things down the middle....Just to piss her old man off she sold it for a C note and gave him Half..... So there are several ways to look at it....But free Shipping I think is the Key to a Scam...
  3. Great!!!!! Now Tape it all off and Spray Bomb!!!!!!!
  4. The Man, The Myth, The.......... Legend!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. My long lost Brotha Ted!!!!!!!!!!! What brought you over to the Dark Side??? LMAO!!! Hope you stick around.....I have no idea what I do here other than comic relief but it would be cool to just hand out.... Ted we have a Frapper Map....If you go to the main Forum Page,,,Look at the top of it and you will see a Members Button....Click that and go to Member map....Oopss....looks like you already found it..... Well....Hope to see ya around:yes:
  6. You da Man!!!!! What day will you be arriving???? If luck is on my side I will be there on the 22nd...If not sometime Noonish on the 23rd.... Are all of your Buddies going to be there with ya????
  7. This guy is Hilarious!!!! WARNING....Come content may not be suitable for your youngins... I only got 3 or 4 down....The last one I read was the best!! E-mails from an Asshole
  8. Times are Tough out there right now and we had to lay your mothers off....We would Really appreciate it if.... When starting a Thread in any forum ask yourself if you are in the Right Forum to begin with. After getting to the proper forum please title your threads in a way that we know right off the bat what it is about... For example.. Help no Spark....should really be titled....1986 Suzuki Quadzilla 500 No Spark Need Shocks...should resally be...Need Shocks for a 2002 Kawasaki Bayou My Pictures....could really be....My Las Vegas Dunes Pictures This way, at a glance your Moderators know what the Content is before they go in and find it then Re Title it... Try to be more specific when deciding on a thread title and think about if sooeone reading it, would know what the actual topic of the thread is. Also, any help thread, should be place into the Manufacturer Forums. Thank you...
  9. This is all I can find on the Electrical... Also,,,,are you trying a new plug?? is it gaped right?? Come BACK!!!!!!!!!
  10. Are you pull starting or using the Starter Motor??? Key on??? Check all the grounds??? Voltage Regulator??? Welcome to the forum....Hope we can help ya out....
  11. I would like to donate a picture of my Guardian Angel so that he may take it with him to Surgery:yes:
  12. Homemade toy hauler build thread - Pirate4x4.Com Bulletin Board Pit Pal Products | Trailer Accessories, Trailer Cabinets, Garage Organization Just a Quick search on Google..... Homemade toyhauler, Custome Cargo Trailer. Etc.....
  13. Well,,,,We all tried to be straight with you but you seemed to take our 100 yrs of knowledge with a Grain of Salt.....We were all your age once and spoke Smart Ass so we had to dummy down for you to understand.... All kidding aside.....Glad you are still around and can take a Beating.....Its a Good Quality to have....Im gonna go out on a limb and say that we all had fun with you but at the same time didnt want you to get ripped off....
  14. Every motor has a "Power Band" Brotha....Just not as noticeable in a 4 stroke,,,They are Smoother through the Range..... WHAT WE ARE SAYING IS.......YOU CANT BUY A POWER BAND FOR ANY MOTOR!!! A FREAKING FREIGHT TRAIN HAS A POWER BAND FOR CHRIST SAKE!!! However,,,,If you really want to buy some " Power Bands " I put a package together just for you....
  15. What KIND of trailers are you looking for....Regular Manufactured Toyhaulers or some of the Cargo Breed....??????Or My Favorite,,,,,The home made kind of hauler....
  16. It was that Extra Wheel wasnt it!!!!!!!! Gave you that False Sense of Security:realmad: Good Luck and with your Surgery and heal Quick Brotha!!!!!!!
  17. I dont get CRAP from Oldest and Outdated....Maybe I am wrong though....If this is the Case...I need to change my pic...

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