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  1. We are Days away from the Event!!!! We need as many people to attend and Clean up as Possible....Douglas County officials will be there during the Event to make sure we are doing the best possible job....We need your support to keep the Clean Up a Yearly Event:yes:
  2. Dont Hate me cause Im Beautiful!!!
  3. Its that time of yr agian.....Lets see New and Updated Pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!1:wink:
  4. You know,,,,I was sitting there Watching a Fuzzy Screen the Day MTV came on..And I was there and Watched THRILLER when it First played...That was when he was a big deal...since then I have not cared...I still try to get my head around why people would support a Pedophile...Its ok if he Sucks 10yr old pecker as long as he sounds good:no:
  5. One Cool Dude.. He lives a few hrs away from me in Santa Rosa..We visit quite often but I have yet to meet him...
  6. DAMMIT!!!!!!!!.....Does Quick Sand Count??? You guys are on your own this month I think,,,,Cant remember a time I was in mud...
  7. Here is a Crash Video I just found.... WBIR.com | Knoxville, TN | Video
  8. I dont see the fun in that jeep..... But I do in this one....
  9. Start with the simple things first....Maybe just a tune up will do the trick....Have you ever checked the spark Plug???? Fouled???? If not,,,Gaped right??? Make sure you know how to read a plug too.... How about the Air Cleaner???? Plugged???? Remember....Fuel, spark and air.....FIRST!!!!!
  10. Thats Great!!!!!!!!! Now open the Gate and let them in here!!!!!!!
  11. Hmmmm,,,,You said it had an over sized Carb....85-86 lt250's came with a 32mm TM Mikuni flatslide, I believe the 87 and later had a 34TM.....With a Stock motor I wouldnt go much bigger than the 34....Check your reed carge as well... BTW....dont ever let anyone tell you that Trikes are Dangerous....
  12. Well that Depends on Several Things......Tell us a bit more about your Quad.... I run a 39MM PWK on my 250 but I have Goodies to back it up...
  13. YOu know,,,,,,,,There are MUCH better things to do with Idle Time:yes:
  14. Im getting your Text's Brotha just too busy to Reply!!!! Plus, Not enough hands...Water Season Starts in 16 Days...Big Push to get all projects done.... Anyway,,,,Where is the AFTER pic????? When ya gonna Be able to ride again???
  15. Yrs ago on a planet far far away we had a guy at work that couldn't start a chain saw....We told him to lay down on the Fender of the Chipper, Put the Tip on the Ground and we would Roll Start it by driving down the road a ways.....

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