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  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmzniIR6hog]YouTube - Wild Think en Planet Sand Louisiana[/ame]
  2. Thought this was an interesting Site.....Check your state and see if it is accurate..... Huge List of Speed Traps | The National Speed Trap Exchange
  3. LMAO!!!!! All in Fun!!!!! Hope to see ya around here more often:yes:
  4. mechanike......Is this like a Parts Changer or am I missing the meaning of the name... Welcome aboard!!!!!!!!!
  5. Man,,,,That sucks,,,,Hope it all gets worked out!!!!! Sorry for the Hi Jacked Thread Guys...... Demon.....Friday night SWR will be having a pot luck and anyone that is camping for the Clean Up is invited....So far this is the Menu SWR dogs and burgers BAKE...BAKESTEAK MUDSLIDER..CHILI AND FIXINS Drtfun ..chicken cacciatore Firefly and Wiz- Salad and cookies Muddkatt - Mexican Shrimp Throw Together Senators - Cheese and Sausage MWKE.......7 bean Bada Bing DuneJunkie.....Colorado Beans Banshee Boy and Thor Chicken Pasta Salad Dawg.........Spaghetti? Aaron & Amber.....Ceviche(sp?) ZQUAD...spicey spanish Rice!!
  6. Ive never tried the foam....I pulled that info from some site....But I am curious to know if it does work..... Still gonna make it to the Clean Up????
  7. At 500 Bucks your time is worth 14 Bucks an Hour.... At 400 its worth 11.50 an Hr. A Normal shop around here is 75 bucks an hr.....Which would have cost him more than the Quad is worth maybe...... Like I said....Its all what your time is worth to you
  8. Well,,,I guess you have covered your bases.....It really all depends on how much your time is worth to you and how much you have invested in parts...but the ultimate thing I think is you have to live next to them... Is there any way that you could just call the local shop and have them Give you an Estimate over the phone on fixing what you have already Fixed.....Then assessing it from there????
  9. A Quick Search produced several Methods....Here are a few.... Stop Bad Vibes with Bar Snake! ©2007 Barsnake LLC; All Rights Reserved you can use great stuff foam insulation in comes in an aresol can and you just spray it into your bars and it expands and hardens and absorbs vibration i use it in my bikes and works great for less than $5 and no added weight you can get it at hardware stores Go to the local tire shop and get some junk lead tire weights. Stuff some paper in the end of your bars to a depth of about 6-8 inches. Melt the lead in an old kitchen ladel with a propane tourch and pour it in the end of the bars. Use better Grips,,,, Foam or Gel If your hands are going numb dont hang on so Hard PowerMadd Bar End Weights
  10. 25 and Hr sounds about right for a home Mech....Its 75hr if you take it to the shop around here.... Some things I dont get....He is your friend but money wasnt discussed before you started work???? Is this a bunch of stuff you just fixed while you were there or was all the work discussed...??? Just seems a bit confusing to me....Lots of work to do for sure....But on the on other hand..Money and Scope of work I think was the most important... At 25.....875 Plus Parts.....Around here....That is 2 butchered hogs and Eggs for life:wink:
  11. The early bird may get the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese in the trap.
  12. I Have moved this into the proper forum....Please take the time to make sure any future posts are made accordingly....Thank you.... On another note...I have seen them both side by side and riding next to each other....I would have to say the Outlander
  13. Looks Great!!!!!!!!! Just hope the peeps start posting in here....
  14. The early bird may get the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese in the trap
  15. I just planted some Wheat....I haven't played in some time....been busy...
  16. Back in the Day we used to use BB's.....Works good....Thanks for reminding me....
  17. Pretty sure all the games are on Zynga....They are linked to Facebook....Not sure how that works.....But you dont have to login to Zynga....Just click from Facebook

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