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  1. have a 06 ltz 400 frame is JUNK the rest is great found a 03 ltz 400 frame will i have many or any problems switching this over putting all the 06 stuff on a 03 frame please help i dont want to get it and find out suzuki did this or that diffrent in 03 04 05 06 07 08 etc.....
  2. glad to see some riders here in ohio! im from canton and hate park honda/HARDINGS they suck i go to action in alliance oh.
  3. YOU ARE CORRET Please accept my apology i am in school for repair and work for a yamaha/suzuki dealership and a little young 35 [still wet behind my ears lol] so alot of times i THINK i know what im saying sorry Cyrus
  4. hey dirt demon way is it i have my tank in my hands and turn it to every postion and gas only trickle out IT DOES NOT DRAIN IN PRIME so please do a little studying on how suzuki vacum is set up before you give people advice! I work for a suzuki/yamaha dealership/repair shop!
  5. if its not your air leak check all off the vacum/gas hoses mine did that and i had a hole in the vacum side.
  6. no no no There is no off the only way gas can flow thru is if the motor is running so it dont matter were its turned to

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