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  1. :confused:i'v a 94 400 pols. that is giving me some fits-- 1. starts on choke just fine-after a few secd. off choke and idles fine 2. goes into gear just fine,and throttles up just fine 3. after running --maybe five mn. or so--starts to bog down 4. at this point you can feel a lot of heat comming off motor 5. i'v only heard the fan come on once since i'v owned it,and at this time the red lite came on also 6. this atv only has 800 miles on it, and to my knowledge has never been beat up 7. if you let up on throttle it starts to run better,but soon bogs down again--i hair above idle will get you back home,and thats it- ** i'v gone through carb,and pulled fuel line to make sure it's getting plenty of fuel- ** changed plug ** checked raid. for coolent , and it's on top any help is appreciated , thanks , steven
  2. :yes::yes:FELLAS!! FELLAS!!-i now have the 94 polaris repaired--WA-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-i had a close friend come over after i was at my wits ends-he asked what all i have done. i explained to him all of the suggestions that i had received from this board. he started it and checked the carb-i told him i already cleaned the carb(to the best of my ability)he said it dos'nt seem like the LOW SPEED JET is open,i kinda scratched my head , and told him i think i cleaned everything-when he got it apart,he said he needed a small screw driver to get the jet out,so i handed him the one i used,he said smaller.so i went to my grinder and made it smaller-i didn't know this jet was in there-pulled it out and used my smallest tip cleaner from my torch--poked a hole in it and it fired right up,and set their an idoled, i just about pooped my knickers,he says jeeeeez man you already did everything else, and i'm not gonna charge you for poking one little hole.FELLAS, i was just about ready to pull the spark plug out and hang on to it ,so when i got me a new ATV at least i'd have a new plug for it. in this case its the little things that count-MANY THANKS to all ,and the support,damn thing sure is fun,thanks again,steven
  3. really !! i do appreciate the help- the idle problem -is that it won't idle,and if i try to set the carb cable high enough to make it run,so i can try to figure it out,it will only run high for about a 1/2 minute then it wants to die.so then i choke it a little to get it going again ,and once again try to figure it out .when i spray:no: a little carb cleaner around the oil banjo fitting it seems like it wants to run higher, but i can't find anything wrong with this fitting,tomorrow i will check the vent tube in bowl that you referred to. thanks,steven
  4. i just traded out a garden tractor for this 400 atv ,lady has not rode it since last march, and could not get it to idle down to put it in gear, i talked to my atv wannabe specialist, he says no big deal,we can fix it.that was two weeks ago. so far i have drained the tank,and cleaned.w/new gas it will only start w/full choke or 1/2 choke,no matter how cold the motor is,or how warm it is. took the carb apart, and cleaned it good,blew out all openings, and checked the floats to make sure they were riding good. back together. started it and same problem,had my son hold the engine speed as even as possible. i sprayed carb cleaner around carb,and found that by the oil inj. fitn. it seemed to rev higher,tried to just barly snug this 10mm fitting and it seemed like it wanted to slip around,tried to loosen , and that worked just fine, but when i try to sung it, it seems to slip,could this be my big problem, and is there an easy fix or buy a new reed body, thanks,rusobr2 ( steven )

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