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  1. well she survived the weekend, took it easy on her at first but by the end of the weekend she got her normal wear and beating, performed like a champ just like it always has. only complaint is that the front end is pulling slightly to the left but cant expect perfection until i get the frame taken care of. so now i have to get the rim repaired permanently instead of just the tube i threw in it for the weekend, and have to figure out a plan of attack for this frame
  2. the gap between the wheel well and tire is 2 inches on the damage side, 4 inches on the other and the yellow arrow is the direction i want to push it back out to bring that lower arm mount out and bringing the tire up
  3. tie rod was bent into a u shape but that was replaced already also, the point of impact was the right tire the one thats pushed down it looks like the lower a arm mount in the pic is pushed in and the top is pushed out, the handlebars are just a lil off when im driving straight they are pointing to the left about an inch its pretty well jacked up and my brother is beginning to be a jerk about it when i told him the frame is $900 not including the week i would have to put into crossing parts over
  4. im thinking cut on the red push the yellow out a couple inches and weld the red back together probably take some heavy sheet metal wrap around both braces for extra hold power what do you guys think? any better ideas?
  5. i already replaced the a arms i though thats where they were damaged cause the paint was freshly chipped off a few welds on the arms, those are the new arms in the picture. for now im going to ride it as is until i can get my hands on a friends welder and see what kind of magic we can work, im thinking about cutting out the one cross support or both, hammering it back out and welding the crosses back in. we shall see. def sucks its an 07 but i bought it brand new off the dealer floor end of 09 only has like 300 miles on it
  6. frame is def bent a lil bit. its rideable the way it is tried attaching tow strap to control arm and other side to tree and backing quickly, did a bunch of nothing. lesson learned dont let anybody touch your atv but you.
  7. My brother wrecked my 07 vinson 500 yesterday tore up the front suspension pretty good, rim cracked tire slashed, tie rod bent into a u shape, and the front suspension pushed back about 2-3 inches towards the back of the atv. Im trying to find parts cheap as possible does anybody know if parts off a 02 vinson 500 will fit my 07? its the front right that has the damage, i found on ebay the front upper and lower arms with bearing for $60 if they will fit mine it would be great... also does anybody know where i can find a possible used rim and tire and tie rod, everything i find is super expensive, i searched ebay they only have like racing tie rods
  8. My 07 was doing the exact same thing but if u pulled the battery off you would have noticed the problem i had. Mine was doing that exact same thing but what mine was because crud plugged up the drain hole in the battery/electrical box so the elec/ fuses were full of water, once it drained out and dried up all runs good. so u may wanna check the fuse panel area make sure everything is dry and not corroded.
  9. ide see if you can return that ecu sure that thing was not cheap at alllllll
  10. also try ATV Parts, ATV Tires, Dirt Bike Parts & Motocross Gear | Rocky Mountain ATV/MC idk if they go back far as 86 but they have alot of cheap stuff including accessories. check out the clearance section always have a ton of stuff real cheap
  11. Insert NEWB jokes here lol now only if i had a place to ride right behind my house still... hate moving into suburbia with no place to ride
  12. ide go with with ajm said check all the wires sounds like you have a short someplace thats not letting the power get from the stator to the battery. If you have a service manual or someone here may know find out what color the wire is from the stator to the battery and follow that check for cuts or broken wires or crappy connectors.
  13. well i feel like a dummy know. decided to clean it up today befor taking it to the dealer. decided to pop the seat off and check out under there... well dumb a$$ me should have checked here in the first place. The spot where the fuses and starter relay are under the seat were completely submerged in water the drain plug was pluged up cause somehow a ton of woodchips and crap got under there and blocked the drain. let the water all drain out and let it dry... SURPRISE it all works again including the elec start. also the negative battery terminal had a lil bit of crud on it again im going to have to put terminal protector on them.... oh well
  14. Didnt know there was a stolen section lol sorry would have posted here first
  15. My friends 04 suzuki z400 was stolen from our garage lastnight if ANYBODY knows anything about a used atv BRIGHT yellow atv being sold with a bum front left wheel and tire the suzuki has holeshot tires on the back, has a skid bar on the back "idk what to call it but the bar on the back so u can flip it doing a wheelie" an INCREDIBLY loud exhaust the atv was last seen in mentor ohio if you know anybody trying to sell one super cheap with NO TITLE let me know as soon as you can any responses will go to my cell phone. a police report has been filed already with the vin so its been reported as a stolen machine. possible reward for information in help finding atv

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