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  1. Ok guys I was wondering what my bore size was in my jug but don't know how to convert it. I mesured the bore with a dial caliper and the numbers are- 2" the next number is 6 and the next wich is on the dial is 18 thousandths. Does anyone know an approximate bore size for these numbers. Would like to know before I take it to machine shop next couple of weeks. Thanks
  2. I am hopeing that my paint won't chip but if it does I will just blast it all off and use some colored bed liner on it. Will be very durable then! At least I think it would work. Update on quad- Pulled case apart today and found out that not only is my connecting rod bad but so is the crankshaft itself had a couple teeth broke off of the timing cog. Just ordered one on ebay that looked good for 130.00. Now I have to get started on repairing my left center case and do some tapping on some threads.
  3. I used some bumper paint so it would be flexible. Don't know for sure if it is gonna last though but looks good until I get it in the woods and run it for a while. Paint may chip off don't know yet.
  4. Here is somthing I threw together to get an idea of what it is gonna look like.
  5. I found a set on ebay that has 3 arms sets in it for 40.00 so far which is good because I just won one for 12.00. I'll have to check out that cheapcycle place. Thanks
  6. This is after I got the clearcoat on it. Painted the swingarm a yellow/gold as well as the A-arms.
  7. Thanks man I was trying but just could'nt get it. Thought I had it but then seen it did'nt go.

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