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  1. yea it was the regulator and some wires under some tape that i had to splice but its running great now
  2. drill a hole almost as big as the studs with a left handed drill bit and that usually grabs it before it actually drills a hole and if that doesn't take em out then you have a hole to stick a screw extractor into to take them out if that still doesn't work just drill it out with the closest tolerance you can a run a tap through it to clean up the metal shavings and threads and get new studs make sure you get the hole in the center otherwise you got other problems
  3. ahhh well thank you guys not only was the rectifier not letting and voltage pass but the connection before it on the stator had rusty connections so it also wasn't letting voltage pass, see sometimes when u just can't think of anything else someone here will think it for you instead lol
  4. while it's running with a charged battery from about 13 volts it just steadily starts dropping immediately and rev the engine it drops even faster and eventually it will get so low that it just stalls out and wont run but if you check the stator its putting off the right voltage
  5. guy that had it before me had a bad battery in it but he could still ride it on pull start and did for like 2 weeks and i got it and put a brand new battery in it and within a week it was dead found out it was to small of a battery for the wheeler and got another new one and still does it i checked the voltage on the battery with the wheeler running and it steadily drops voltage off the battery and if you rev it up it sucks it even faster but the stator is working correctly i already checked that, any ideas???

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