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  1. yea wish we had the money for that.. just looking to get it working for the snow righ now.. thanks for all the advice guys
  2. hey need some help with my friends 300ex.. he needs a new piston and new head.. his valves broke and hit the piston so its pretty much done.. if anyone knos were i can get parts or anything i will appreciate it thanks frank
  3. have a 95 warrior and was just rippin it in the snow and i wasnt getting very far with my itp holeshots, any suggestions?? looking for a tire rim combo not 2 expensive unless its a last resort thanks
  4. thanks for the responses.. ive looked around and they are really expensive.. altho the ebay ones seem to be the best bet
  5. anyone know where I can get long travel a arms for my 98 warrior 350?? thanks
  6. there one in corona called westchester machine shop
  7. kno were i can get aftermarket heel guards..dont like the stock ones thanks
  8. thanks for the help,got a bored head instead =) time for some power
  9. soo i was taking off my exhaust header and boom!! snapped the rusted header bolts..tried taking them out and they just wouldnt budge.. any suggestions thanks
  10. found the problem.. the wire connecting the fuse was ripped and the wire inside was corroded to dust.. therefore no connection =) thanks anyway

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