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  1. yeah thanks for the help but found one not to far from my house but does flowtek do boring and honing
  2. yeah thanks for the help real helpfull
  3. anyone know of a good machine shop in new york? i know flowtek does porting but do they do boring and honing to?
  4. the top end dah thats what usually goes first on a 2 stoke so they say
  5. if u are talking about a suzuki lt250r then no
  6. dude i am just going by what has worked for me because i have ha d a blaster for three years now and have not had to put any money into it except for gas, oil, and greace
  7. nice but i still perfer a 2 stroke
  8. take off the seat and look for the idler screw and turn it to the right to turn the idle up
  9. dude whe u get that thing running right make sure u run it at 32/1 and change the oil after every week . i also recomend drilling a hole into the rear axle carrier and putting in a grease fitting if it dont already have one
  10. dude it is most likely that ur engine needs to be rebuilt. u sould have taken better care of it because i have had a stock 1996 blaster for 3 years and have not had to rebuild the engine once
  11. dude hondas suck and screw the new quads get a older 2stroke
  12. sweet banshee good thing u have a 2 stroke. u shoud get that thing ported by flotek they do good work
  13. hondas suck anyway u shoud get a yamaha
  14. pull the ignition wire

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