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  1. dont act like your god or something mr my wife knows everything,i thought forums were to help people out, just because you have 60 years good for you, you most not have lots of time for anything else or someone else walked you trough that 60 years, not eveyone is as smart as you, cause your GOD when it come to quads or you most just know everything, but if you need to know about me, i got the quad 2 months ago, i leaved in NY city my whole life, not many places to ride but in the street, its hard to ride a quad up 5 th ave, so when i would visit my friends upsate they had trikes and quad so i learned to ride alittle bit, now i move to CT and bought a quad, a starter bike. the bike is in good shape, just having the backfire problem, i dont have the stock pipe for it, i did the plug test with a new plug, run it in 5 gear wide open, turned it off and coasted home, pulled plug and it showing moist black, running rich, stock carb, sock jets, now can you help me mr. GOD that you must be, and by the way if you can read, then read this: The ATV Mechanics Corner Is it broken? Do you need some help with your atv? Try to get the fix in here
  2. stock carb with stock jets, i know because i just but a rebiult kit in it, we are lets say 220. feet about sea level, i did a plug test and it came out black and wet, so i think it running rich. if that help any????
  3. i have a 86 lt230 quadsport with a D.G pipe on it, i got it used a couple of months ago. the bike will backfire out the pipe when you let off the throttle, like a flame!!!! it show by the plow it be running rich, any help on what jet and what size jet to go up to?????its a stock carb. thanxs

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