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Yamaha changing colors?

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Has anyone noticed that Yamaha has been making their logo red instead of blue on their website?

The last time they did this is when they started putting the blue logo everywhere a year before they started making their bikes blue.

First they steal the 450R label now their color?

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I never noticed that. ?? But will have to check that out. Stealing the R. Pfft. ha ha

I'm starting to like the black anyway, but I even know a Honda rider who does to. hmmmm

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Yeah I really think Yamaha should have came up with something other than the YFZ450R.

Everyone always refers to the TRX450R as the "R" or the 450R. Now there will be confusion.

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Competition. They didn't wanted Honda to be known as the 'R' quad (i.e. THE race quad).

Personally, I like the regular YFZ more. I'm just not a big fan of FI. We'll see how the new YFZ R makes out though, even though it will be more rider skill then quad.

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If you put the same rider on both machines for3 laps, the YFZR would have faster lap times. It is wider and lower which means better handling. From what I have heard the difference in power between the 2 is very noticeable. The R comes with better shocks than the standard too. But i know what you mean about EFI. Although I would love to have it for up here.

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Since 1981....When someone says "R".....Its HONDA.....Just need to know when we are talkin 3 or 4 wheels.....I remember when the First Generation came out......My buddies Dad bought one...The Smell of 2 Stroke in Camp and the Pipe Pingin Smoke Rings....Ahhhh,,,,,Memories.....:laugh:

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