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  1. Try this maxmekker.com I honestly don't know how much was changed from 05 to the current version. I googled the one for mine and found a lot of downloads, but since have found some fellow riders who have good versions to share.
  2. The main issue is that the page essentially loads, but does not display the page content and images sometimes. Example: I can access a page, but the screen will be completely white or will still display the previous web sites content. If I move my cursor around the screen, it will change when I scroll over a clickable link that I know is on QC. Make sense? ha So if I access QC from google, it will display the google page, but if I move the cursor around the top of the screen where the QC drop downs are it will change from the arrow to the pointing finger.
  3. I don't think that if the nut loosened up on the carb it would hold it open, it would actually make it slack and less apt to throttle response. The spring in the carb will pull the cable back when in idle. I would definitely rejet if it is still stock (notoriously bad stock jetting), I'm about 95% sure it is running lean now. Average setting for these is usually around 165 main 45 pilot and 2.5 turns out on the fuel screw, that will get you in the ballpark. I'd just try to google a download for the trx manual, I'm sure they are out there.
  4. Turns it in to the yz450f cam timing giving it more power in the mid & upper range. Just gives the motor a little more pop. Some poeple think the motor doesn't run as hot after doing it either, but I'm not sure if there is any truth to that or not.
  5. You know red heads are crazy right?
  6. Rotate the exhaust cam 1 tooth clockwise. Basically turns the motor in to the dirt bike engine. I should have checked my valves when I had it all apart, so it's a perfect time to check them when this mod is done.
  7. Suzuki quadracer Banshee and of course, the YFZ450
  8. I like the kind of riding that goes on when the lights go off. Either that or anything fast where I am in constant fear for my life.
  9. Depends on what kind of power you want. Do the 'cam mod' it's free. Pop the air box lid off if you already haven't. Those and the pipe and filter you put on will give you decent power. There are tons of other things depending on what you want, like different sprockets, FCI air intake, big bores, etc.
  10. ha ha Correct! Actually I'm just going to FedEx it all to CO
  11. Dyna programmable. I've heard a lot of bad things about the black rev boxes made my Procom (the ones every company puts their own sticker on).
  12. ..it comes from a lot of me breaking stuff then having to try and fix it. Also why the quad is in 1,000 pieces right now.
  13. Put a bigger main jet it. What size jets did the kit come with(I'm not familiar with moose brand jets)? The 48p sounds like a normal size, but I'm not sure about main. I used a gytr jet kit that came with my pipe and use main jets between 165-170 and pilots 45 or 48. If you'r screw is out 3 or more turns, you need a bigger jet.
  14. What Bot said. Lube your cables, and check they are not getting caught up anywhere and the slack is set correctly. 450s idle high anyway, so it could be normal..hard to tell not hearing it though. Probably needs rejetted, especially if it's still stock settings. jetting theory manual Do you need a diagram for jetting? Just loosen the clamps on the boots, spin it so you can reach the 17mm cover on the bottom, remove that and you will see your main and pilot jets. Take them out and put bigger ones in (i.e. 165 main 45 pilot or whatever size works best). You should also pop the plug blocking your mixture screw and put an aftermarket one in
  15. Competition. They didn't wanted Honda to be known as the 'R' quad (i.e. THE race quad). Personally, I like the regular YFZ more. I'm just not a big fan of FI. We'll see how the new YFZ R makes out though, even though it will be more rider skill then quad.

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