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  1. I fixed the loose nut problem. But that didnt help the problem. Check out the post " YFZ Carb Problems??" thanks for the help
  2. I just got a new one!!! All I did was call my local HONDA shop with the key code off the original paper work. this Honda is a "powerhouse" dealer, exclusively Honda. the guy there whiped me one up in 10 min. If you have that number you should be able to get one from any dealer that cuts keys For the record my local Yamaha dealer is named the "were going to screw ya" shop and that's why i went to Honda.
  3. where is the Fuel/air mixture screw? what is the approx. setting? with stock jet? I dont know about the cable being replaced but it seems good. but i did order a new one. regardless I removed the air box and noticed that there was oil from the filter in the tube to the carb so maybe there is that. sticking the carb up. so Im going to run cleaner through it tomorrow.
  4. I believe that My 07 YFZ is has a throttle that is sticking open. The only problem that i have with it is that it holds a high idle right after you hit the throttle. I looked the cable over and took off the cover on the carb to see and ensure that it is not the cable.With it running i used my finger to move the throttle. it idled high. i tried pushing the throttle closed didnt do anything. Is there an adjustment that is off. The shop Replaced the orignal carb with a new due to a problem. i don't know what that problem was. Yes they should fix this. but it was like 2 years ago and i dont think they will do it for free Anyone have any ideas?
  5. for the trx i just like to know what im dealing with. theres no problem with it or anything. I'm an engenering student and wanted to compare the 2. The YFZ manual shows that there is 2 nuts on the throttle cable outside and inside the carb. I can pull the throttle cable ALL the way past the end of the threads and see bare cable. so the inside one has to be loose and just binding up. i would say that the throttle is held open 1/16 of the way, at random times. I'm not going to have time to open the cover and look at it till tonight. If you want to see some pictures of it, i need a lesson on how to post pics.
  6. Do you know where i could find the manual for a 08 honda TRX 450?
  7. thanks hooligan. i didnt see the link.
  8. no its never had jets put in. but i noticed that the throttle cable moves out from the carb and as far as i can tell its not soposed to. i think there is a retaining/ lock nut that loosened and is holding open the throttle. what i need is a diagram of the carb.
  9. you can see it in a darker setting. but i know it does it all the time. My concern for this is that, the thread concerning this mentioned premature upper head and valve wear, due to running lean
  10. I have a '07 YFZ 450 that sat most of this is winter and got It out today. I was really surprised it started right up, after i let it run for a bit i was off. Shortly after I noticed what I would say is a sticking throttle cable. I had no time to investigate it. it would hold a higher rev and then back off when I used the clutch/brakes, but this would not always work. I was wondering if this is a common problem with the YFZ or do I sound right? Also I had read somewhere that if your header pipe glows red that it might be a sign that your carb is not adjusted correctly to the lean side as there a tutorial some where that I could read on Carb adjustment and a Diagram of a YFZ carb?

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