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  1. yes we had record lows here for a while usually the temperature never gets any lower than around 44 degrees it got to around 30 in some cases lower especially in north florida im sure they were seeing in the 20's there is lots of crops in north florida. we were gettin some ice in south florida nothing major though but we arent used to this
  2. okay lol. i need to stop being lazy it is so cold here in florida to us floridians so i dont feel like getting it out just yet.
  3. thats what i had in mind its my dads four wheeler i just didnt get a chance to check it yet. i need to get it done before we go riding next week. thank you!
  4. sorry for taking so long i have the rims on the four wheeler it looks even better than i imagined. i havn't had much time to take and post pics yet. the bike is really dirty still from the last time i went mudding at redneck yacht club. once i get it cleaned and take pics i will post them asap.
  5. Just went riding recently the four wheel drive worked perfectly fine for about an hour or two. then all of the sudden when i went to engage it again it would not engage the front diff. the light comes on but the four wheel drive will not. does anyone have any ideas about what could cause this? or has had this same problem before any help will be appreciated. thank you
  6. oh lol sorry i was half asleep wasnt paying full attention.
  7. id love to see them you have the same wheels?
  8. okay hopefully that worked those are the rims im getting i cant wait to see what they look like when they go on the four wheeler. ill put before and after pics once i get em on. the link didnt work ill keep trying.
  9. the tps is connected to the throttle body. you can check trouble codes by sticking a paper clip in the diagnostic port some where under the seat near the battery if im not mistaken it will have a rubber cap on it to prevent mud and dirt from getting in it. i will have to get back to you on which two contacts you put paper clip in. it will show the position of the tps and tell you code looking something like this -C00 that would mean no codes and the dash next to the "c" stands for the position of the tps. it should be in that position as you see it in the center when the throttle is not being applied.
  10. whoa this thread is still holding up... lots of views!! im getting itp rims for it for christmas i cant wait its going to look awesome.
  11. i like the four wheeler over all very nice styling and yes it has independent rear suspension. it rides really nice. i think the four wheeler is a little underpowered in the low end area. but i see people doing wheelies on them all of the time on youtube on mine that is not near possible. i do have 27 inch tires 2 inches larger than stock so im sure that has a little to do with loss of low end. i might get a power comander for it some day and a uni filter just because i heard the stock air filters are crap. I actually havn't rode any since it has been fixed i want to get out at a mud fest event but i work this weekend and they are having one at redneck yacht club in florida. i need to work on the snorkel a little more too i had to go through the whole thing because come to find out the guy who sold it to me put the snorkel together without glueing most of the piping and rigging some of it so im fixing it now.
  12. lol na i cant return the ecu unfortunatly but im just going to use the ecu as a spare im using the new on on the four wheeler now. yes it would have been nice to know the sensor was upside down before i got the ecu lol. but im just happy it runs now it sucks to buy something and keep having to put money into it and you cant even use it.

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