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  1. It is quite the ride I haven't done a lot of summer riding with it yet but I absolutly love it in the snow. I gets up real nicely!!!
  2. The Tattoo's have a much larger footprint for better floatation as well as a different drive system so there are no holes in the track for the drive sprocket. The rear tracks are 2 inches per track widder and the fronts have a flatter bottom that puts more track on the ground. Also the difference in the tread pattern seems to help. The rear tattoos have a snowcat like tread pattern with similar tread pattern to the apache's in the front. The apache's are easier to steer than the tattoos due to the lack of track on the ground so they work out pretty good for my wife.
  3. Well since I bought the machine and two sets of tracks at the same time they gave me the tracks at cost. I got a set of Tattoo tracks for $3000 and a set of Apache tracks for $2700. I was going to get two sets of the apache's and was kinda disappointed when they didn't make them for the renegade. However after riding with the Apache's on my outlander 650 and the Tattoo's on my Renegade 800 the Tattoo tracks are by far the best on the market!!! Hands down the new Tatoo 4's beat even the original Tatoo's. If riding in powder and snow get the Tattoo tracks everytime! I haven't really tried them in the dry stuff but they did good and rode well on rocks when the snow ran out.
  4. Thank you all for the advice. I think I got it figured out. The factory put extra heat tape where it had melted and told me that there wasn't any there on the old one. I had to hold my tongue because I had told them that to begin with. The tracks are an added load so the engine runs hotter and not as much air goes through the machine. When they had melted we were not running in good snow so that probably had something to do with the lack of cooling also. It is all good now no more melting. Hopefully!!!
  5. I put a set of tattoo tracks on my 2010 renegade 800r x xc and it melted the plastic on the side by the exhaust. The hole is about the size of a tennis ball. They gave me new plastics but what do I do to make it not do it again? Any advice?
  6. I just got the new renegade 800r x xc. I have been riding it for about a month now and absolutly love it! The quad pairs nicely with a set of tattoo 4s tracks. It's almost like riding a snowmobile less the getting stuck part.

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