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  1. You know, i need to find out if there is some time of TPS and its location. Seriously this bike has more electronics on it than my new car.
  2. Wow, after disassembling what seems like the entire 4wd elec system, my friend Tommy has figured the problem out. First you must remove the 4WD/Difflock selector switch off of the right side handle bar, then remove 3 screws on the inside over the circuit board. Once removed you must actually take out the device from inside the casing. Now this is where you must follow exact instructions, you will notice the lead wires on the bottom side of the circuit board, link blk/wht circuit against the one diagonally to it in order to put the DVC in motion, if done correctly you will notice the sound of the relay throwing, and the DVC removing the difflock, do not feel scared if the DIFF LOCK light blinks after initial contact, turn off ignition and turn back on, Problem Solved. Feel free to contact via email for youtube video instructions. Coming soon. [email protected]
  3. Sometimes rolling, but no more than 2 or 3 mph. Yes it is EFI.
  4. I'm having a few problems with my 450, I must start by saying even after all of the grief that I feel that I have suffered through, I still love this machine. OK, Problem one: It feels as tho it idles a little rough, perhaps even comparable to the vibration of a space shuttle cockpit launching. After slight throttle, and I mean slight its fine again. Not really a problem as far as drive ability is concerned, but still a concern of mine. Second problem and the one that bugs me the most. My diff lock / 4wd will absolutely not disengage, getting kind of worried due to the fact I still have 40 or so months left to pay for this "cash vampire". Dealer denied my warranty when I took it in for its first service because there was mud on the bike. Did not know that would deny my warranty but, whatever, ATV warranties are fishy anyway. Kind of skeptical rather or not to take my machine to a Dealer, but with the way things are today with mom and pop shops kind of sticking it to customers to cover there own payroll I don't know where to turn. No offense to the good shops (you know who you are). I have read some forums on this problem, but I feel this problem is a little to screwed up at this early mileage, by the way specs on bike ( 08, 450axi, 760 miles, 109 hours ) please give me some input or thoughts on these problems. Thank you, and sorry for such a long story. P.S. Sometimes when I stop, the moment I give throttle it makes a chirp noise like a tire skid, and jerks. Maybe the belt?

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