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  2. Glenn Beck the media keeps making him out to be a nut case but he is the only one with the balls to say what a bunch of idiots the dems and repubs are and how theyre both screwing up the country
  3. speedparts814.com I bought 4 26'' mudlite xls mounted on itp delta steel rims for $440.00 with free shipping off ebay.I looked for a long time and nobody could beat that price even the air was free!
  4. I dont know how good they are but northern tool I think they are called was selling some with wireless remote for under a hundred bucks. A buddy of mine got one to winch a modlite car on his trailer and as far as I know it did the trick,I have a cabellas 1500 it pulls my Eiger out and works my plow but brake drifts a little.I couldnt tell you the price it came on my quad
  5. Try an oil change old worn out oil wont help those clutches grab
  6. Hi Im Drew my screen name kinda gives it away lol I got a 250 quadrunner its a 2001 the oil filter is a cartridge type. its not real easy to find on mine the motor has an oil level sight glass window.right above or below it is a small round cover bolted to the motor any how you can take that bolt or bolts out and the cartridge comes out on mine its on the right side almost behind the right rear tire it was easier to get to by removing the wheel the cover for it on mine was about the size of a silver dollar the sight glass has two horrizontal lines the oil level should be in between thoses lines when its warm mine uses 10w40 but my 400 eiger uses 20w50 the fill hole is on the rear differential on mine it says 10w40 on mine I am not familiar with the ozark but its possibly similar they made some changes to the 250 motor around those years I think this might help but not sure its a start good luck and let me know how you make out ,Druzuki
  7. To anyone around the eastern shore of Maryland sat. May 15 in Crisfeild Md.the somerset atv club is having an event. They have done this before I saw it on craigslist Md. eastern shore motocycle section.You can go to somersetatv.com for all the details they also have pics of previous events check it out ,I plan on going and trying out the mud pit.It looks like fun.Hope to see you there!
  8. if it's like my 250 quadrunner there should be 2 marks on the casting on each side of the sight glass the oil level should be between the high and low marks.when warmed up and not running hope this helps
  9. that is huge dude! bet it goes anywhere.and you want to go higher,dont fall off unless you have a parachute!
  10. it was an accident my neighbor lets me get my firewood from his land i was using a craftsman garden tractor and he said you need a utility his buddy had a 86 honda 200 that he put rings in but never could get it running right i thought i could get it for 150 bucks i ask how much he would take and he said 50 bucks sold I said took it home put the carb and tank back on had it runnin in a couple days i was hooked needed front plastics so i cut a 55 gallon plastic drum for the fenders after a while I needed 4x4 so i traded my boat for a 250 quadrunner then i saw an eiger 400 for sale for 600 bucks everthing was there but no compression and his kid fell off it and it hit a tree so i put a new piston and rings battery and fabricated a new bumper and thats what i ride wife got the 250 and son got the 200 here is a pic of the honda
  11. Right they bolt up like a tractor the stock tires and rims on the outside are 1 inch smaller so you have less resistance turning on hard ground
  12. I saw a kit online to make your quad an8 wheeler,has any one got experience with this idea I am thinking about putting my stock tires and rims on extensions for traction and flotation of course I would have to design and build my own, but I think this might work a couple guys on youtube did it so I know its possible, just looking for input before I go through all the trouble to fabricate the parts thanks:
  13. Its back together now outer races came out but had to make a tool to drive out also quadboss bearings came with 2 seals suzuki only used 1 so while I had axel tube at work I bored out what I thought was a spacer behind the bearings and installed the extra seal on the inside of bearings probably not necessary but could help keep rear differential dry just wanted to pass that along gotta go time to ride thanks again
  14. update:axel tube has a snapring/circlip got it out holes were on the topside of tube outer races are in tube tight removed left axel tube, came off easy will take to work and bore out if I cant get them out.I need a new seal surface on hub but i can turn it down and shrink a sleeve on and tig weld that should save me on a hub.just have to get the other hub off left side took some heat to break nut loose. looks like it will be back rolling soon after bearings get here. other side should come apart like its supposed to I hope.thanks again for the help still havent got a shop manual too cheap to buy one besides like most guys i never get lost or read the insructions lol
  15. thanks, the wheel and axel came out when the bearing finally went,I ordered kits for both sides and when i did I asked the mechanic about it and he couldnt be sure (he is a new guy and not familiar with the eiger)it looks like you said but not sure i might have to take tube off to drive out the outer races.today i am taking axel to work to get hub off luckily im a machinist so I have acess to every thing I might need.the kit should be here tues so I just want to get a head start on it. Thanks I think your right about the circlip and how it goes in I will keep you posted.

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