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  2. I have the same bike{1995 Suzuki king quad 4x4] and can any of yall tell me how to get to the solenoid and starter.
  3. This is the best i found free shipping im around 245 i think ,2 24x8x11 and 2 25x10 x12 the price you see is the price the lady on the phone said you pay no more tax or charges.
  4. Im riding a 95 king quad.
  5. I could be wroung but it is a 95 kingquad 500 i think i will research more thanks for your help.
  6. Do yall have any suggestions on where to get new tires ,i think the back are 25x10x12 and the front are 24x8x11,or is there any lift kits so i can go with bigger tires?
  7. Hi my name is ray glad i found this place .

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