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  1. Well, it is fixed. Thanks for all the replies, but when I went back to the atv to try it one more time, it cranked perfectly and fired right up. Been starting ever since. I was thinking maybe there was some corrosion on something that was diminishing the power to the starter. Haven't even had a hint of the problem since posting here. Wait, maybe that is how you fix things? Just post here, and poof, fixed! Now that I posted that, I bet the problem will return next time I try to fire it....
  2. I just recently bought a really clean 1995 King Quad (280cc) from the original owner with 991 miles on it. This is the model with the three shifters in the middle. Battery was dead, but pull started on the first or second pull each time. So today I installed a new battery, and I had no lights (no headlights, no neutral light, no reverse light) and no power to starter. First thing I checked were the fuses. BOTH of them were blown, so I replaced them (the extra fuses were still in the case, so I don't think this was an ongoing issue). With the fuses replaced, I have all lights, including neutral and reverse. I went to start it, and the starter first cranked really slow (like battery was low, which it isn't since I topped the charge off before I installed it), then cranked even slower, than just clicked each time I tapped the key. It almost started the first time I cranked it, but choke wasn't set right. I am thinking I have a bad starter, but wonder if there are any other suggestions out there. The bike was sitting indoors its whole life, but did sit for about a year without being started. Is there something that would blow BOTH the fuses (a 15amp and a 20amp)? The 20amp was working the dash pod lights and starter. Not sure what the 15amp was for. ATV runs fantastic, but I am not going to keep pull starting it. I already darn near lost a finger when I forgot to hit the decrompression switch LOL.
  3. did you check the fuses? I just had the same issue, new battery, no neutral light and no crank. It was the fuse in my case. My problem is, I think the starter is bad (which probably caused the fuse to blow)

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