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  2. So I rebuilt the carb, idle is good, fires right up, but still having trouble getting it to GO!! and at idle, I cannot GAS it up without it boggin out so I will tinker with pilot screw/float level tomorrow. what about clutch? it is an automatic - can the shoes/plates make it not engage or slip? and to correct my previous post, it does the exact same in Reverse as it does in Forward - I can't even back up a small hill without it feeling like it is slipping back to N.
  3. thanks, I pulled the carb, and in doing so drpped the choke slide inthe mud...so, ordered a new cable and the rest of the stuff I needed to redo the carb. Gear selection seems to work, finds N no trouble, the odd thing is when I gas it, it sort of moves but then idles down right away and in N when I rev it goes up but will not stay revved up hi, it bounces around and comes down the idle even with throttle up. So, I am leaning toward carb - the chock slide is not set correctly, since the cable snapped, so I am sure the A/F mix is way off. Tranny should be okay because when it was put away
  4. just cleaned spark plug, looks fine, plan to replace. no go without the trailer either, so, without pulling a load same outcome.
  5. so finally got the quad started after the winter, I use a 1987 LT-4WD on my ground for "yard work", today after a very hard start, the choke cable snapped, fixed that (temp), got it running, idle is rough. added some seafoam to the gas to help clean it up. Hooked up lawn aerator loaded with cynderblocks and the quad would not go. seemed like it was trying, but nothing. reverse worked fine. hi, low, 4wd, no difference. anything forward was no joy. So, the engine lacks power. pulled the sleds fine over the winter - and before that, now is the only time she wont budge!

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