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  1. Finally took it apart last week, the parking pawl was broke, I have the factory service manuals both the pdf and printed, the pictures in the manuals are really not that informative in either. The parts are on order will try to post some pictures later. The parking pawl looks to be made of some kind of cast pot metal, fortunately it just broke in two pieces and fell down into the parking pawl housing away from the input shaft
  2. Any every replace or work on the parking pawl. Believe mine either got broke or worn out not working any more . I've already took the linkage loose at the loose at rear differential and moved it by hand and can feel the pawl lever cam working but it does not engage the parking pawl. And yes it rolls freely while in park with no noise from differential like something is broke. Vinson runs just fine but no Park
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  4. Swampcat07 and BioWare', Thank You Both are really good ideas, one of the guys I work with had 2 ATVs stolen off him in years past. The last one was stolen after the thieves took a truck and ripped the doors along with door framing off his barn. He said he took a post hole digger and dug a hole about 30'" deep, fastened a length of chain to a screw in mobile home storm anchor and screwed it partially in bottom of hole and filled hole with concrete. Now he just wraps the chain around his frame or axle and locks it up, nobody has stolen another one since. And I think if you would put a piece of 4"pipe of the right length with a hole cut in it to access the lock on the chain it would take some time to get to chain or lock loose to steal it. I bought a Bulldog Alarm that detects shock or current drain, have not installed it yet. I think I'm going to go with the buried anchor chain and alarm, and as soon as I can get one of those pay as you go phones and attach to ATV, great idea, the cheapest theft GPS plan I found was around $250 a year.
  5. Thanks for the reply Good Idea, but will the GPS feature work if the phone is off, I've heard it will but I don't know. I'm really concerned at home security, my ATV never been on a trailer or hauled, and my nearest neighbor is about a 1/4 mile away.
  6. Anyone Installed a security alarm, does it seem to work?
  7. I got a 2004 Vinson about a year ago, it had set for over a year and it had the same problem you described as well. After I used carb cleaner and Sea Foam it would idle and run a little bit, but like you said, "It'll run very good if I remove the air filter and cover the opening with my hand and part my fingers a little for the air to get in." I did the same thing and mine would run great, so I took a sponge applicator, the type that comes with car wax and partially covered the air intake snorkel under the seat and with a little adjusting on the opening with the sponge applicator my Suzuki Vinson will run like a scalded dog. I Know this is not a fix, but a work around, I'm sure some jet is partially plugged or the throttle valve (carburetor slide) or diaphragm is not working properly. Some day when I get the time I will pull the carb and fix it. Let us know if you find out what is causing the problem. There have been others with same condition.
  8. Thanks to all, My sight glass is completely full when engine is off and I can just see a bubble in the top of it while it is running. But I can also see the oil surging through it while it is running. The reason I asked the question was, I also have a 03 Suzuki XL7 and their was a few incorrect fluid capacities in the owners manual. Just making sure.
  9. I just got a 04 Suzuki Vinson, changed the oil and done other service work. My main question is about the crankcase oil capacity, Owners manual states 3.8 quarts with filter change, but it completely fills the sight glass. It was like that before I changed the oil and filter but it had over 4 quarts of oil in it. Is it supposed to be like that? Does anyone know if 3.8 quarts is correct and is it supposed to completely fill sight glass when it running or engine is off?

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