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  1. i pulled the head off today and the gasket is a metal gasket, it had coolant all over it top and bottom so im sure its shot .. i pulled the recoil side off the bike too and the coolant is in there .. i recently rebuilt engine like 6 months ago and changed all seals , bearing, and gaskets... im hopeing to just change the head gasket and sell the bike ,, time to move up a few years !!!!!!!!!
  2. thanks DIRTDEMON , i have all the plastic's off the bike so it is easy to get at the head right now ...i guess i will check there first .. you dont think its the seals or gaskets around the water pump ????? just a guess anyways ?? the quad still runs great just for the first 10 min it smokes bad but speed is still there , just loseing coolant which im finding in the pull start area
  3. i have a 2001 explorer 400 and there is a exaust flange that conects to the motor that has 2 bolts on it ..
  4. , hope someone can help me out here.. i went on a 240 km ride saturday , on the way home my overheat light came on , i checked the coolant and it was very low, i filled it up and the bike smoked very bad but went away after 5 min or so .. but i noticed my pull cord is soaking wet with coolant .. is there a gasket or o-ring gone bad?? what happen ???? thanks for the help guys
  5. thanks guys im not sure what to do .... i hear the slime is good but messy if u ever have to take the tire off again ... iveheard the samething about plugs too , that the side flex's and is hard to patch .. i would hate to be going down the road and the tire to blow ,, i just bought these tires 2 month ago , they still have the tits on them .. i guess maybe for the 80 bucks i should just break down and get another tire grrrrrrr....... thanks again
  6. hey guys whats the best way to fix a little slice in the sidewall of my tire??? its about quater inch long and letting out a little air... thanks
  7. thanks for the info !!! the other thing is my quad is a 2 stroker any difference ?? right now my quad runs rich cause i rebuilt the motor last year , and i have the oil pump setting high just cause i wanted to make sure it was getting enough oil...... i really like the idea of haveing it quik connect , i will have to get creative on this one !!! many thanks guys !!!!
  8. thanks , do you know how i would find out if i have to rejet?? now i was also thinking of snorkling my quad in a way that i have like quik connect connections,, so that if im just running around as normal i dont need the snorkle but if i go to get deep in mud/water that i can connect them and go through whatever is ahead of me ?? sound possible ???
  9. thanks !! do i have to do anything to the muffler?? ive had a few people tell me that snorkling a quad screws up the carb jets?? do you know about that ?? and i guess i should go around to all electrical connections and do something to them ?? thanks again
  10. can anyone help me with the steps to snorkle a 2001 polaris explorer 400 ?? any help would be great .. i know i have to snorkle the air box and clutch breather.. but what eles should i be doing ????????? thanks:aargh:
  11. ok ok i finally got it !!!!! it was the choke cable , it was ran over the frame under the gas tank.. so i took it off and ran it under the frame and seems to have fixed my problem !!!!! LETS HOPE !!!! but thank alot outlander560 for your help .... NOW LETS GET DIRTY AND MUDDY !!!!!!!
  12. i will give that a try , so far i cant see anything but its hard to see in there with all the plastic body piece's
  13. no it doesnt backfire or anything ,, feels like i have no power at all.. if i turn back to the right a touch it starts to go forward..
  14. thanks i will look into that , but here is something eles is it possible when i hooked back up the oil and carb cables i put them in the wrong place for example . lines should be over the frame rail or under frame rail do you think this would cause the problem ??????
  15. hi all,, when im on my atv and start to turn left it seems like i lack power and bike does not want to go . no problems when i turn right ... i recently re built my motor.. it seem maybe like when i turn left im pinching a line or something like that ,, any help or advice would be great thanks !!!!!!

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