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  1. What is with the ATV's in the classifieds that are dirt cheap? Example, 2008 Can-Am 800 for $2900??? Last month there was a 09 Sportsman XP 850 for $3000. Both of these are offering free shipping! Does anyone else find this a little fishy?
  2. Cycle Country | Products | Down Force Kit Her is the link for it. It keeps the plow from riding up on the snow. In my opinion it works great, well worth the money!
  3. Has anyone been to Mines and Meadows in PA.? We were planning a trip this year, and I was wondering how this place was, considering it would be a 7 hour drive for us.
  4. I plow with a 54" Cycle Country on the King. This year I bought the down pressure kit from Cycle Country. Works great! Now I can even back plow without an issue.
  5. Hey all, found this site by accident, checked it out, and figured it was time to join. My name is Don, and I'm from Northern Illinois, the most unfreindly atv state! I own 2 quads, my Cadillac is a 06 Kingquad, and the sports car, is a 08 Honda 400 TRX. The King is set-up for trails, and plowing. The Honda, well that one only has 10 hours on it, and might be for sale. Anyone else from Illinois in here???

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